Looks like the mirtazipine might make the gastroparesis worse.  Yesterday, I felt like nothing I ate left my stomach all day.  Lots of reflux, heartburn, and even some regurgitation of what I ate, and I had a pretty mild diet (smoothies, Carnation shakes, fat free yogurt…I did push it and have some chicken and rice in the afternoon, I was hungry despite feeling so full and sick).  Better when I woke up, including better in terms of sleepiness.  I took the mirtazipine much earlier last night, which meant falling asleep on the couch watching shows in the early evening, but that’s not unheard of for me anyhow.

I’m sad that the mirtazipine might not be working out.  I had high hopes.  I’m trying not to be too disappointed by this, telling myself that the akathesia/anxiety is getting better (it does seem to be, a bit, but I haven’t had a med free day since Thursday, and while Thursday wasn’t the worst day I’ve had this week, it sure wasn’t the best).  I’m sitting here at my computer with my legs working away under my desk like I’m marching double time somewhere.  I can stop it if I want to, but it keeps starting back up again.  This is the pattern, the jigginess first, then some general agitation, then the anxiety.  I’m going to try riding my bike in a few, then it’s time to try to eat something again.  Blurg.  I wish food wasn’t being so unkind to me right now, it’s sucking the energy out of me (and I’m already pretty low on energy to start with) and it’s depressing/alarming in its own right.  One more thing to focus on when I’m feeling anxious.  Like I needed that.

I’ll call Neuro Monday to let them know, in the meantime I think I’m going to skip the dose tonight and see if at least my stomach is better tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

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