Trying Mirtazipine, again

Saw Neuro yesterday.  We’re giving Mirtazipine a shot.  It’s worth it, since although the fellow said that he thought that the movements/fidgeting might be more a product of the anxiety than a co-symptom of akathisia, mirtazipine is used for akathisia.

An amusing side note about that, a good friend of mine has been saying “just do whatever they do in Israel, they always seem to get things right” about the akathisia/anxiety/whatever this is.  The  paper where results of using mirtazipine for akathisia were published, the authors are from Israel.  That made me laugh.

So I started the mirtazipine last night.  Because it’s not just for akathisia, but for sleep and appetite (both of which I am sorely lacking in).  I did not sleep well, but I am soooooo sleepy today.  Which is affecting my writing, I’m sure, so apologies to anyone reading this and wondering why it’s so stilted and error-filled.  I’m hopeful that it will help.  I know it’ll take a while for the psych effects to kick in, at least that’s how it usually is with meds for anxiety and depression, so I’m going to try to be patient.  I hope I don’t get any acute anxiety today, because I’ll be on the floor if I take even a half an ativan on top of this mirtazipine induced sleepiness.

Thinking of showering while Hubby is still home this AM.  I’m worried that if I try later, I’ll fall.  Yeah, I’m that sleepy.  Checked my vitals this AM while laying sleepily on the couch after getting up, 80/52, hr 52.  So concerns about falling are not overblown, not with vital signs like that.

And I still have to call the psychiatrist.  I’m not really sure what to say.  “I don’t want to see you again” seems like a good place to start, and end, I suppose.  Minimally, I need to cancel my appointment for Monday.

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