Terrible weekend, better Monday

This weekend was awful.  Despite taking the ativan, I was really not at all ok.  Some of that is my own fault, on Sunday I thought “I’m going to wait on taking the ativan, I don’t want to keep taking it when I first crack open my eyes….so I’ll get up, have some (decaff) coffee, feed the cats, do stuff online, and then if I start feeling jumpy, then I’ll take it.”

Well it turns out that’s a good way to let it all get on top of you and while the Ativan works (some) to tamp things down if I take it when I first wake up, it does far less good when I take it late, after the agitation and retching and jumpy legs have started, like on Sunday.

Monday was better.  Yesterday was better than the weekend but not as good as Monday.

Monday I called the neurologist and asked for help.  Begged for help is more like it.  No call back Monday, I called again Tuesday AM and got a little attitude from the BATH office (this doc has two offices, one en route to the Irish Riviera as we call it up here; and one at the BATH in the city).  But I persevered, left the message with my doctor’s nurse, Keith.

And resolved that if no one called me back by 4:00, I was calling the BATH to confirm that Keith is not on vacation, and to leave him another message.

At 3:30, the nicer sounding lady from the Irish Riviera office called and told me the doctor can see me on Thursday.

Big sighs of relief.  Still apprehensive, not sure if I should skip the ativan that day.  I feel like it doesn’t work great but it does tamp things down some, and maybe the doc should see me unmedicated.  Also, if this is akathisia, and tardive akathisia at that, I’m not sure there’s much to be done.

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