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I have, by all standards, what counts as very good health insurance.  I still wait for care.  I’m not saying “obamacare” is going to fix all the problems, but don’t tell me that what we have right now is better because you don’t have to wait.  Try making a new patient appointment with a decent primary care doctor, or worse, try for a specialist.  Even in provider-rich Olde Historic Big Northeastern City, you still have to wait for it.


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  1. I couldn’t get to your link, but saw lots of Putin talk. That’s happened before and I think it’s because I don’t have Hulu or something. Shoot!

    No, my healthcare is so much worse and I was defending the ACA from the get-go and am so pissed! The only plus is I can’t be denied insurance or be forced to deal with insanely long forms. The long waits can’t be any worse than the waiting lists in the EU that freak everyone out, but then there’s the cost (what’s affordable?), the cut in benefits (like no more medically necessary contact lenses that cost thousands, losing some meds, and the lovely cap on PT visits), no one taking your insurance, and on and on. They system is so beyond broken it needs to be bulldozed to the ground.

    I swear that if I had good healthcare, providers that spent more than 5 minutes with me and cared, docs that talked to each other or saw/actually read notes from my other docs, didn’t blow around $600/mo on prescriptions that I don’t have, have to deal with an insane deductible, could go to PT more often and had a ride, and on and on I could possibly have a slightly better quality of life. What I know for certain is that I am worse from the garbage system and moving here a decade ago. I get so mad I could scream and I’m so pissed at the stupid politicians who can’t create a healthcare system in the US that all Americans deserve due to the right-winger’s fear of Socialism, when we already have Medicare/Medicaid (aka Socialism), although those hardly cover anything, either.

    And if you have long waiting lists with all the specialists/sub-specialists out there that we have in sparse numbers here, then we’re all doomed. :/

    • I think they made too many concessions in the name of cost control. I had private insurance like this, hell, my current insurance will charge me $200 if I have a medical emergency and can’t get into one of their BATH ERs, and that’s just to walk in the door. That’s not counting what I’d pay out of pocket if I needed any imaging or testing.

      It’s too bad the link wouldn’t play for you. It was really good.

      • Agreed, except premiums keep going up too so I’m scratching my head like a monkey here. Well, I was just so royally irritated by this topic in general (HEALTHCARE) that I actually wrote a ranting post vs. a ranting comment over here again. Lol!

        Wish I could have seen that video, too! I presume you have to pay for Hulu? I have the worst TV here, plus the Dish cuts out if a cloud blows in. I can only take so many Lakers games from the ’80s on the 4 ESPN channels and I’m not getting any richer by watching Bloomberg, so how can I watch TV on here for free since money’s a tad tight for the foreseeable future? I also really screwed up something on my phone which was draining the battery in about 12 hrs while not in use, so maybe it’s a bad time to ask about technology. 🙂

        Oh, you know who doesn’t have to wait (getting back to your post)? The uber-rich. My evil grandmother with no health problems and no meds except for her anxiety pills (anxiety over what?) has that concierge healthcare BS and actually gets waited on hand and foot for her make-believe illnesses. So annoying; we have a 2-tiered system so the rich can get whatever they want whenever they want! I think people like us should get that for free from Uncle Sam, but just an old liberal talking.

      • Oh yeah, my premiums are going up too. I think health care costs and higher ed cost are on a similar curve.

        re: the video. Hulu plus does cost, but there is a free version. The video link should be to the free version. Sorry it isn’t loading for you.

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