pumpkin and mushroom risotto

Made a new food I can eat the other day.  Again, pumpkin is prominently featured.  This is because it’s one of the few vitamin-rich vegetables I can eat, and a fiber I can tolerate.  And I like it.  So why not?

As usually, I did not write down any of this while cooking.  I just made it up as I went.  So assume the quantities and times below are approximations.  Ah, and I didn’t use fancy arborio rice, just plain old long grain white rice.

  • scant 1 tsp of butter or oil, divided (as in 1/2 teaspoon, then another 1/2 teaspoon…not a single 1 teaspoon sized pat).
  • A pint of white mushrooms, cleaned and coarsely chopped.
  • 1 and 1/2 cups white rice
  • 5 to 6 cups of chicken stock
  • about 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • seasoning to taste (I used salt, ground black pepper, ground rosemary, sage, and thyme)

In a large saucepan, bring broth plus one clove of garlic and seasoning to a simmer.  While that’s brewing, add 1/2 teaspoon of butter or oil to a large non-stick dutch oven or deep skillet, sautee mushrooms and second clove of garlic until the mushrooms are tender.  Add seasoning as you sautee.  Remove mushrooms, add second 1/2 teaspoon of butter or oil to pain, and sautee rice.  I never really know when it’s done, but I tend to go with “until it starts to smell nutty”.  Decrease heat on rice, turn off simmering broth, and slowly (and carefully) add about a cup and a half of the broth to the rice.  Return to a medium/high heat and stir until the liquid is absorbed.  Add in mushrooms and continue adding broth, about a halfcup at a time*.  With the last cup, stir pumpkin puree into the rice mix.  Cook (stirring constantly) until liquid is absorbed.

* Ok, so here’s where the EDS takes over.  With real risotto, you just keep adding and stirring, adding and stirring a little at a time, you know, until all the liquid is gone or you pass out.  Unless you’ve got a really kick ass kitchen set up with stools and stuff, this standing at the stove and non-stop stirring is hell on people with orthostatic intolerance and arthralgia.  So, after about 2 rounds, I stop with the “add and stir” crap.  At that point, I just add in ALL of the rest of the broth and the pumpkin (gotta stir that in good), stir, and turn way down, cover, and leave it alone for about 10 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally and checking to see if the liquid has absorbed and the rice is tender.  This is one big advantage of using regular rice…it’s not as starchy so it’s less likely to stick and burn at the bottom of the pan if it is neglected a little.

It was super yummy, that with a rotisserie chicken from the local “fancy” store = 3 days of dinner.  If you want to lower the fat more, use less butter/oil and a low(er) fat broth.

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  1. Glad you found something else to eat–always a good thing and hope you didn’t have to put all that in a blender at the end! I could never get risotto right pre-body breakdown, so better to just use regular rice I say. I can eat a little bit of butternut squash and I just cook it and then sauté with olive oil and sea salt. I hate having to spend 10 times as much on a bag of it since I can’t physically cut butternut squash! I could never find any chicken stock that didn’t have spices (huge allergy!) when I could read ingredients and I tried all the stores, so that’s out for me, too. Ugh! Bland city over here…

    Moush Moush is back on pumpkin in hopes that her bald ears will spurt some fur (I have no idea how that helped before), so you guys are twins right now, except she runs to the other side of the bed when I give it to her and then after much coaxing, realizes it’s not rat poison. 🙂

    • Aw, Ms. Moush doesn’t like the pumpkin? Or maybe this is just her reacting to too much medicating. Riley got like that after the month of wormer med.

      Riley’s ears are balding too. My money’s on ringworm. Oy. Because that cat needed another parasite. Trip to the expensive but very comprehensive Kitty BATH on Saturday…which is good because I saw more blood in his poop this weekend. So back to poop vigilance here at Chez Dyspatient. :/

      • Moush will eat pumpkin, it’s just that she lost her sense of smell from some virus years ago so she runs away and then comes back! I don’t know what the balding ears is. Moush has really bad skin allergies and has been on a special diet for years (half her back was bald before that). I never see her scratching her ears, either. When she went half-bald when we lived in CA (and she was chewing there), a bad vet said it was ringworm and I did the baths and sprays forever and no, she never had it. Per the ears, she still has enviro. allergies and issues with her litter (I use corn which seems to be the best as paper is too stinky and the scoops are flushable–yes).

        I started her on the pumpkin when we lived at the rental as she seemed to need more fiber and then her ears got furry again! I have no clue what it did. So, I decided to try it again but it’s been a couple weeks and her ears look worse. Her onco gave her a Dx of alopecia of the ears. No! She looks like a bat at this point, so I hope it just needs more time. I really don’t think she’s scratching her ears when I sleep or anything, so curious what Riley’s kitty BATH says, unless he’s scratching. I have to be a poop watcher too (with my vision) due to Moush’s med, but her stool samples are always good so not too worried anymore. That’s sort of odd with Riley, though. I hope he’s okay. Incidentally, I’ve had ringworm more times than I care to remember, hence wanting to transfer all my care to MM’s specialty clinic and finally get some good healthcare in this town! 🙂

      • Glad she’ll eat the pumpkin, I mean once she figures out what it is. 🙂

        Oh poor bald earred girl! Riley’s ears are getting there. I don’t see him scratching them either, and the skin looks lovely and calm. We’ll see what we can find out Saturday. Wish us luck!

      • Hmmm. MM’s don’t look irritated, either. I looked it up last night and there are loads of causes, but most cause hair loss on the face/head too and/or the cat scratches chronically. There’s no way a cat can hold a scratch until I go to bed! I did wonder if it was anxiety, which was listed, as MM grooms herself into a bristly boar when we move (with a soft head), but with only one front leg, she never figured out how to clean her other ear (I do it once in a while, but with my vision it looks clean). So, Riley might be over grooming with his paws, but I have no idea what MM has going on or how pumpkin helped. She has some odd breed in her as she has a head like a Sphinx cat or ? unless you fluff her up and I saw that some rare breeds can get genetic ear alopecia, but it was Burmese, Siamese, etc. I did wonder for years if she was part Burmese (doesn’t look like it) because she talks so much and they’re the chattiest cats. I wish I knew what her cat family looked like! Do let me know what they say if you can as she only sees her onco now due to all the costs. If I can’t think of anything to write about during this crazy month, I’ll try to get a photo of the bat in the bed with my thoughts. 🙂

      • “The Bat”. So cute. I will let you know what the vet says. I wondered about stress too. And sunlight. he is a red-head after all. I guess they can get sunburns. Not that an indoor only cat in the winter in new england would seem to be in a real high risk group for sunburn, but, well…. who knows.

      • Lol! Throw some sunscreen on those ears. I use HC cream on MM and her vet said that’s okay (the OTC strength) but no luck, so again doubt she’s itchy. I suspect stress w/Riley as the grooming won’t cause scratches, but that can’t be the issue with MM due to being One Armed Willie (one of her many names). Well, nothing to do but keep hoping the pumpkin works again. Funny about Riley the Redhead. 🙂 He sounds like a pirate like MM due to the missing leg. I’m looking for a parrot…

        I think I’m under the weather (so hard to tell but I actually took a nap I felt so tired and gross!) and have an appt tomorrow with a doc I don’t care for so will read your new post when I’m feeling better and have finally slept. Ttyl as I’m off to bed early tonight!

      • Riley the Red. We do call him “Orange Beard” from time to time. Ugh, under the weather sucks, especially when the weather isn’t all that great to start with. I hope it passes quick.

      • Thanks. I’m not sure what my problem is and I can never take naps! Today was a 4-hour outing from hell and I about died, but got it all done, including all the waiting to see my dumb doc for 5 minutes and get 2 scripts. My vision was super crappy with my sclerals in and insurance doesn’t cover them (in the thousands) and my Rx keeps getting worse (or different?) or something. I also want to ban all fluorescent light bulbs. Ugh. I didn’t have light issues until CXL but many KCers do have issues, so rather weird.

        Riley the Red and Orange Beard! Our family dog was black and got a white beard and we called her Blue Beard (and all the other names). Lots of pirates… Arrrr. When I first saw MM when she jumped out of that laurel bush, I thought she had a white beard vs. the famous mustache. 🙂

      • I hate fluorescent lights. Hate them all! All flickery and glarey and awful. Ugh.

      • Do you know why they bother you? I know they can bother those with migraine if they flicker, but I swear I had no issue pre-CXL, even with my KC. Now I get a bit of that whiteout effect like I do from the sun and more ghosting and the photophobia, of course. Actually, halogens are even worse as they have those in a row above the front desk here and I can’t even see faces a few feet in front of me with my sclerals in and I only have those in when I walk back in here! It’s like half of people’s faces are gone! It has to be due to my corneal issues, but so annoying! Then, they put in more fixtures or bulbs or something (?) in the laundry room and I about die! And now you can’t buy incandescent bulbs anymore (or so I heard) if I ever get out of here. Nooo! In my room here, the overhead lights and lamps all have fluorescent bulbs in them and he bathroom is my nemesis with 2 fixtures. :/

      • The flicker is the primary reason. And I have really bad light sensitivity…in medicalese, photophobia. It get glare now too.

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