Not quite spring cleaning

I cleaned up my blog roll a bit today.  There were some deadends on there (I miss you Queen!) and some links to pages that hadn’t been updated in years, so out they went.  I added a new one, Adam Tilted: Thoughts from a Dizzy Dude.  Hi Adam!  Stop by his blog and say hello.

That is the extent of today’s cleaning I think.  Very little actual cleaning will be done here at Chez Dyspatient.  Possibly tidying up the kitten room a bit.  My god he’s a little slob.  Ah and I just (literally just now) discovered that he is slowly eating his cat furniture.  I turned from my desk to see him chewing on the corners of the cat bed part on top of the cat tree, just in time to see a “GULP” swallow of something.  So I went over and found bits of carpeting all over the place, but more alarmingly, long strands of vinyl looking stuff and staples sticking out.  Yep, staples.  One loose even, sitting on the lower tier of the cat tree.  Oh good lord.  Well, hoping he didn’t eat a staple.  My living room now has a delightful lemony smell, due to the lemon wedge I just rubbed all over Mr. Riley Finn’s chewing corners.  Cats are supposed to hate citrus.  Every cat I’ve had has hated citrus.  But Riley just came over to me and rubbed his face all over my lemony hand though, so he may just think of it as seasoning.

Orange and white tabby kitten in a "cat tree".

Riley in his chew toy.

So the holter monitor is done.  And of course while I had it on, I only had little bursts of that pounding thing, not the sustained for a half hour kind that I had last week and earlier this week.  Eh.  I dutifully recorded it all on the crappy paper…ok, actually I used my iPhone’s notes and speech to text utility to make a log that I then transcribed to the paper one the hospital gave me.  Still quicker and more accurate than me whipping out pen, paper, phone to look at time, remember to push the button on the monitor, drop pen, mis-write something horribly and have to cross it out and start over next to it, oops that takes up too much space, just cross it all out and write a new entry on the next line and while I’m doing that I have another palpitation and should I just fold that into this log entry or add a new one?  Did I mention I have a bit of dysgraphia?  Hence personal peeve about the paper log.  It takes me three times as long to put print on paper as it does to make an electronic text notation.  Especially with speech to text capability.  But that’s done and I’m glad.  Now, back to work on Monday.  Woo-frikkin-hoo!

Still trying to see work as something I can do for now and enjoy the parts of that which are enjoyable.  Sometimes it’s tougher than others.  And I’m not sure how well I will be able to work with this heart thing but I’m gonna give it a shot.  It’s all I can do.

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  1. Aw, Riley! I’d freak out too if I saw those staples. Yikes. I never knew about lemon but Moush never was a chewer (she just chews on herself due to allergies). Have you tried that sticky tape? I guess you’d have to live in a house of tape, though.

    Well, maybe it’s a good sign that your heart calmed down, like… Maybe something actually goes away!!! What a novel concept, I know. I was totally lost in all the tech-talk, per usual. Haha. I wish I could shadow you for a day from the other side of the States and figure out how to make my life easier, not harder, via all that. 🙂

    • I immediately thought of tape over the chewed bits. Except my other cat LOVES to eat tape. All things adhesive really. And plastic bags. But really tape is her favorite.

      I wish you could come up here too. Our regional Easter Seals has amazing assistive technology outreach – I’ve been to some of their workshops for professionals like how to use iPhones and iPads for accessibility, they were great. I don’t know if they have a program out there in the desert though. I wish you could come out here and see my primary care too. You’d love him. He’d love you. You’re sassy, but you give a shit about your health.

      I hope it is a sign that my heart calmed down. I stopped a med, maybe that did it. We’ll see.

      • Aw, thanks. Well, when New England turns into a desert and I can fly with fridge and airbed, I’ll come. See latest post at your leisure re: need for tech class for the visually challenged. If there is anything, it’s probably at 9 am and either east or west (blinding sun) so I’m out! Ugh.

        Well, that’s rather odd about the tape with Anya and the cat condo materials with Riley. I think your cats have pica. I’m not sure what to do other than hire a cat whisperer. Lol! I know there’s some weirdo who does that for a living.

        Fingers crossed that your heart was just teasing you. ><

      • Anya definitely has pica. I blame too long living on the street and eating garbage. Riley, I think he just has teething. I’m hoping that’s it.

      • Oh, I never thought of teething. Duh. I had a kitten briefly in Mexico, but don’t know much about babies in general as you know. Hoping he’ll grow out of it. :/ Poor Anya…

      • I never thought of teething either, until I found a chew toy with blood on it and freaked out. I know NOTHING about baby things. It’s become a catch phrase in my house, “baby-things! aaaaarrrgh!”

      • Ha! I hear you; I tend to run from babies and pregnant ladies and there are way too many in this neighborhood. I also get a sick feeling when I think I was once inside my mother and then came out. Eeeew!

      • A professor once told me and a friend of mine (another undergrad) “you know, you would look so cute pregnant”…at a departmental function. This was sooooo wrong in so many ways. He was the department head’s husband, we were the two top students in the class, it was a departmental event, and NO ONE had brought up pregnant. He was thrown by my empire waisted sundress. So, I looked at her, she looked at me, and I said “Um, do you want to get this one?” She laid into him with a world class rant about how pregnancy is a parasitic state where your body’s resources are drained by an organism. Oh god it was priceless. She was so righteously indignant, and loud, and Russian. I wish I could’ve bottled that rant and kept it for posterity.

      • Oh, that’s so priceless! I’m so glad she told him off and why the hell would anyone say something so inappropriate? I was working while in college (early ’90s) with a woman who always wore those baby-doll dresses that were so popular and I had no clue that she actually was pregnant! I wore lots of dresses and skirts (and platforms) back in those days and had some empire-waist styles–you always take a gamble with them. 🙂

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