reversal of fortune

Today was going to be a doozy.  It was going to start with a not terribly useful departmental meeting that would involve foregoing bringing in food since after it was over, I would have to walk a long, cold, and slippery outside path back to my office.  This means lightening the load as much as possible, which means not bringing as much food in as I normally would to ensure my calorie count for the day isn’t in the double digits.  Also on deck for today was a root canal.  And I’m in a migraine cycle.  Had two last week, one at work with vertigo and then a few days later one at home with a big fat scintillating scotoma in, of all things, my right eye.  Normally it’s right visual field, left eye.  This time it was right visual field right eye.  Still got a preference for the visual fields it seems, but the change of eyes means it got on top of me before I realized it was coming on.  I seem to have a bit of neglect for that visual field.  I’ve noticed it in editing.

The endodontist, after reading through my chart and seeing the last dentist’s freak out in the notes about my allergy to palladium (finally, someone who took that seriously), had given me the substances that would be used in a routine root canal to patch test last week (on migraine day).  Four different things, four patches on my back that I slapped on with the help of Mr. Patient on Saturday when he got back from conferencing in Florida.  Less than 24 hours in, one of the patches started feeling like someone was putting out a cigarette on my back.  Sure enough, on Monday when we removed the patches, that area (with hte root canal sealant) was highly positive.  Fluid filled blister positive.  Still hurts, burns, and itches days later positive.  Thank effing god I did that patch test.  

So, between the positive patch test and the big ass snow storm that blew in last night, my day has gone from one full of misery and physical trial to one with nothing on deck except for chilling at home with Mr. Patient and cats, coffee and netflix, and all the food I can eat.  Pretty cool.

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  1. Mario

     /  January 22, 2014

    Absolutely it’s a good thing you did the patch test! And bravo for speaking up and taking care of your health- I wish more people would. If you could, pleaser email when you see this. I have a quick question.



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