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I have something like a flu right now.  I say something like and not just “the flu” because while it feels very much like the flu (sore throat, fever, aches, headache, a bit of nausea) it feels like the flu at about 20%.  Now keep in mind, I have a quite recent memory of a very bad flu that left me completely unable to get out of bed for a solid week.  When I say this is 20% as bad as that, know that 20% is still plenty awful.  It started Tuesday morning.  This is the week before classes start.  And this week, my supervisor and coworker had decided that we’d all go on a field trip way up north to the Great New England Wilderness to give a day long mini-conference.  I cannot miss this conference.  Had I been involved at all in the planning, I would have pointed out that flu season and three days before classes start is perhaps not an ideal time for such an endeavor.  I was not involved in the planning.

So I’ve known about it for a while.  I made my plans and tried to take some solace in the fact that next week, I’d have two work at home days.  These work at home days were so crucial, more so since next week Mr. Patient is going out of town Wednesday through Saturday for a conference.  I had planned on taking those days as my work at home days and then one as a vacation so I wouldn’t be stuck getting in and out of Ye Olde Historic Northeastern City on my own.  The energy, time, and expense that this costs me is significant, it’s enough to derail me for weeks.

And then my boss dropped a bomb.  She’s going on vacation next week so my work at home days are suspended.  “Yeah, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come in every day that week…” I found out right before Christmas break.


To recap:  By going way up north today, I’m being asked to do an exceptionally physically difficult thing today on even less reserve than normal (i.e. flu-like illness that’s gone on for 4 days now with no sign of relenting), then to do an exceptionally physically difficult thing all week next week.  This is a recipe for hospitalization in my book.  I am left wondering if my boss really just does not get it or if she gets it but waives it when it’s inconvenient for her.

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  1. Ugh, so sorry that you’re sick on top of sick. I really don’t get your work. How many bizarro events and conferences can they pack into one year? I agree that the timing seems completely ridiculous–especially with the weather back there. I don’t know about your boss–maybe it’s just too hard for the TABs (total able-bodied) to even think that what is a breeze for them is like climbing Mt. Everest for us. I’m so sick of this attitude in the non-work environment I deal with I could scream, so I really think it’s just too much for them. Oh, just let this happen to them!

    Have some chicken soup (broth?) at the very least… Hugs.

    • Happily, I am making chicken soup right now. Had a roast chicken this week and it’s a good use of the left overs.

      The icing on the cake of yesterday…well two things really. One was preventable. My boss and assistant director decided 1/2 hour before the conference was to start that the weather was too bad and so they sent out a mass email canceling. Which I didn’t get because I was in the car. They BOTH have my cell phone # and should have known I’d be en route by the time they got around to canceling. They had already gotten to the conference site, as had several others, so we went ahead anyhow. But Jeeeezus. And thing two, I broke a tooth on the way home so my weekend of business to prep for my very busy week just got more busy. 😦

      • Oh, that just sucks! I had a job where they purposely didn’t let me know about changes, either. That was the last full-time job I had and it was so awful (on top of being so sick–I made it almost 3 mos).

        I think you must have EDS teeth, which is not good. I wonder if that’s a HEDS thing? I have paper-thin gums like VEDS-y people, but my teeth seem to be fine, aside from issues with numbing. I hope you can get through the dental appt okay. Ugh, it’s just one thing after the other I tell you.

      • I’m sure I was grinding my teeth with the stress and the chills of that flu-y thing I had. So it’s not a mystery to me that this tooth broke. My brother and I have both been told by dentists that we have “soft enamel”. Mine is not helped by the reflux, and this was a way back molar, right in the path of all that acid. 😦 It already had two fillings in it, so it’s not surprising that it was not the most structurally sound tooth. I was able to get in yesterday and I had a very nice covering dentist (mine was off) who fixed it up for now. It will need a crown. There’s just not enough tooth left to hold here.

      • Glad it went as well as could be. I just have smaller fillings (from grinding!) but the feeling-the-drill thing is a huge nightmare. I can’t believe I thought that was normal! OMG! Oh, so I have very hard enamel, which means more drilling, as did EDS grandpa. I do think I have some erosion though, so can only imagine with massive GERD. Anyway, the enamel thing confused me as EDS grandpa and I both have/had low bone density, but after looking into it, it’s not the same at all and the enamel, unlike the dentin, etc. doesn’t have any collagen. I’ve had a night guard since ’01 when the TMJ pain went crazy and highly recommend if you don’t have one. Bruxism totally destroys your teeth/joint and causes so much pain! Per my new dentist, I grind in all 4 directions, which makes total sense as the TM joint is very hypermobile in those with classical EDS. There’s my dental story and so sorry you have to get a crown. Boooo! Hope you have good insurance, at least. Holy crap is dental expensive and I’ve had to do a lot with cash. :/

      • I have decent dental insurance. Still gonna be a lot out of pocket though.

        I definitely grind all over the place. I had a night guard but with the thrush and it being a pourous material, it did not last long before it just became a reservoir for more infection. I talked with the dentist about it, she said they have better materials now, but recommended I wait until the crown is in before making one.

      • That makes sense as your tooth surface will change. My guard is so hard (is it porous?) and with the new one, the dentist had them put some cushion into the part where my bottom teeth fit. Then, he fitted it so that I can’t grind all over, which no one has ever done. They just make sure I’m grinding evenly and call it a day. My last one was so thick but got a crack, so I had to get a new one and way better dentist (finally). 🙂

        I wonder if bruxism shows up with EDS more? I mean, our TM joint is a total mess and the only other one who grinds in my family is my brother with the stretchy skin/bad back (EDS denier). Of course, my mother clearly has EDS (fellow denier), but doesn’t grind or lies about that symptom too. She has loads of atrophic scars and says the surgeons were all bad (and on and on). I mean, everyone gets joints replaced and has tendinitis from doing nothing. Lol!

      • Oh sure, nothing to see here. Everyone gets joint replacement surgeries and tendinitis.

        I’ll bet we do, just on account of our jaws being so mobile. Mine pops in and out all the time. Last dental appointment, it was out of whack for weeks after.

      • LOL re: my mother!!! She seriously has an excuse for everything–like getting a hernia (how CEDS-y) from moving this uber-light sofa in her 40s. She’s also blind in one eye, but the patching just didn’t work of course! No, it does work in kids with amblyopia (her Dx in the early ’50s), but probably not for EDSers. Now she’s like me and can’t sleep at all, but it’s just hormones, except she went through menopause like 16+ years ago and is on HRT. (Hitting head.)

        So, the dental nightmare is the CEDS/HEDS difference in its finest. Your jaw possibly dislocated from the dental appt and mine developed severe muscle spasms that lasted for weeks (possible subluxation as it pops a lot too and is so achy). I’m starting to think all this myofascial pain is due to the fact that I don’t dislocate and therefore, my muscles are holding on for dear life non-stop. Poor, poor body…

      • I dread dental appointments. Especially in the winter, they always seem to do more long term jaw damage in the winter. But this tooth, actually the ones in front of it, are killing me so back to the dentist I go. It’s never just one thing, is it?

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