Well, Riley (kitten) is still on isolation.  The vet thinks he has the upper respiratory infection that’s going around the shelter, but that was before we got his stool results back.  Turns out my little boo has worms.  Two kinds in fact.  Roundworm, which is contagious to humans and other animals; and lungworm, which they tell me “you’d have to eat a slug” to get.  Mmmmm.  Since kitten is still running a temp (I don’t take his temp, can’t quite bring myself to do that to a cat – but his paw pads are warmer than is normal) so we’re keeping him separate for now still.  This means my time is divided into everything else and “kitten time” and kitten time = handwashing after and changing clothes.  I’ve put him on droplet precautions.  And lots of box scooping and cleaning.  And meds.

But he’s so cute!

orange and white tabby kitten with paws in a person's hand.

Love is a cuddly kitty.

Still eating, using the box, playing…so he’s not doing too badly.  Just for now, still on “lock down”.  He’s a cute little prisoner, isn’t he?  In the picture above, he’s holding my hand.  Regular readers will know it’s my hand by the erythromelalgia that is apparent in my cherry red fingers.

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  1. Poor Riley, but he’s really a cutie! My brother came to visit years ago and brought a kitten he and his former GF had just gotten from the pound. Moush wasn’t doing vaccines at all (doc’s orders) due to chewing 1/2 her fur out, but I was assured the kitten was vaccinated and he had no choice but to bring her–I had no idea they take time to work! So, within a day or two, the kitten started to sneeze non-stop, which was very odd, but otherwise she was fine and they left within a week. Then, Moush got sick–so sick that she couldn’t move and had snotty fluid dripping out of her eyes and nose (and the sneezing). She wasn’t eating or drinking and I literally wrapped her in a blanket and went to the nearest vet clinic as hers was clear across town. She got IV fluids and antibiotics and I was told it was something like kennel cough (and got a big lecture on the vaccines, despite the fact that she saw a top, feline vet here). Long story short, it destroyed her sinuses and she has no sense of smell and still sneezes all the time. The kitten my brother no longer has is just fine and never truly got sick.

    Even freakier, with her last surgery, the virus came back but not as severe as the first time (oh, also had to syringe food/water into her for months that 1st time due to the loss of smell). So, this summer I was Googling this reactivation thing and it’s some herpes virus. No, not Moush! So, I’m super glad you actually know how to quarantine because it sounds like the same thing possibly (very common in pounds, etc) and Anya could be in real trouble with an older immune system–I think Moush was 6 or so. Omg, I thought I would lose Moush over that thing and hate that it just lives in her.

    The worms are rather odd–don’t they de-worm before they adopt out? I’ve never heard of lungworm, but hope you are wearing my purple, chemo gloves 24/7. I’m dreading a post where you and Mr. Patient are quarantined for de-worming and writing from some specialty, worm center. Haha. I had to de-worm/de-parasite every 3 mos in Mexico, so all par for the course. Hope Riley heals up and can join the family soon! 🙂

    I did see how red your hands were. Is that related to EDS like how Raynaud’s can be?

    • My primary care is going to flip out about the kitten. He’s a dog person, and he’s an infectious disease doc. So when I see him next and tell him that I got a feral kitten with worms and kitty herpes virus (yes, that’s exactly what it is and stress and illness reactivates it), I know he’s going to be like “WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT?!” No, no purple chemo gloves but changing clothes in and out of kitten room, washing my hands every time I come out, keeping curtains open for the UV (helps with the roundworm) and sweeping and cleaning up every day, scooping the box three times a day, and changing it twice a week. Ugh. A LOT OF WORK.

      The hands thing, I think it’s EDS-y, although not everyone with POTS has this hand thing. It’s a vascular issue though, for sure. Or at least vascular mediated. I can see the veins standing out like ropes when it gets going.

      Poor Moush! I didn’t realize that it was a kitten that made her so sick. You know, vaccines would not have helped, not from what I’ve read. This virus in cats is like rhinoviruses in humans. I think you just hope they don’t get it, and if they do, that it is a relatively easy course. I’ve seen and cared for kitties as sick as your girl was with it, so sad!

      • Lol! Forgot your PCP was an infectious disease doc. Get the purple gloves! I have to scoop a lot as MM’s drug comes out of every orifice, so I keep things very clean over here too.

        You know, I don’t think there is a vaccine for that cat herpes virus, either. And I’m not a big vaccine fan for indoor cats due to the sarcoma risk as you know. I went to some crappy clinic in my neighborhood and they never gave me a formal Dx–it wasn’t until her surgery this summer when she got a reactivation (though much milder) that I figured it out and her onco agreed. Argh. Yeah, it’s awful and I hope Anya will be okay and won’t catch it. :/

        I would presume the issue with your hands would be from EDS. I have so many vascular oddities, but nothing like that. It looks painful! I have acrogeria (the awful, aged look in certain areas) and nasty veins that are basically everywhere, but my hands and arms are the worst because they stick out and make me look 100 and even freakier. Probably best I can’t see well. And that’s why I never call this an invisible disease. Yuck…

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