new addition

Well, we did it.  We got another kitty.  Meet Riley, a.k.a. “Mr. Finn”, Nugget.

orange and white tabby kitten sleeping with toy

Sleeping with his toy, Bernard the Bird.

We got him on Saturday, our second visit to the shelter. They say he’s 10 weeks old, but I think he’s a little older. Either that or he’s gonna be a big kitty. Could be both.
He was a feral kitten, so he’s very interested in my other cat, Anya (Buffy fans will be sensing a theme here). Anya, on the other hand, has zero interest in Riley. We haven’t let them meet yet. So far, he’s still in the “welcome” room and she’s come to the door a few times – first meowing to know why her person is locked behind a closed door. Then growling to let us know that she has figured out why we’re in there and she’s not impressed. I think this is going to take some work, transitioning these two.  Riley won’t be a problem in terms of wanting to have a feline buddy. But Anya is going to take some patience and fortitude.  If we approach her without having washed kitten smells off our hands, she hisses and growls.  Hm.  Well, both Mr. Patient and I are long time cat owners but admittedly, I’ve been a single-cat cat mamma for all of my adult life, so this is a new one for me.  Plus, I’m just more anxious in general now and so this is a little bit stressful for me.  I had stated repeatedly that I didn’t want a kitten, but Riley showed up there on our second visit, all by his lonesome since his more outgoing litter mates had been adopted.  He needed to go to a home where the people (a) had a cat (b) didn’t have a dog (c) didn’t have kids and (d) had a lot of patience for dealing with his left over feral behaviors, like hiding.  So here we are.  Us and another special needs kitty.  🙂  He’s got a huge purr, with chirps in it.  Adorable.  We’ll just take it slow with Anya.  I’m off for a week after today, so this is a good time to do the initial stages of kitty introductions.  Wish us luck!

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  1. I’m glad you found Riley and he found you. ❤ Hopefully, Anya will come around, but if she's like Moush, there's a zero tolerance policy for anything but humans. 🙂 I always wonder where that came from, but since I have my hands full and developed cat allergies, it worked out. It sure is hard to see all the cats at PetSmart and not want to steal them all, though. I noticed a white cat there that was deaf this fall. I happened to go back for something later that month and the deaf cat was still there, while all the others had been adopted. Boooo.

    • Anya’s less grumbly now. We can pat her when we smell like kitten without getting hissed at, even purrs. Baby steps.
      Definitely something to keep me occupied over break. I usually work during breaks and vacations to stay on top of the load, but since I’m busy giving the kitties equal love and play time; my boss didn’t offer me comp time; and HR was so massively not understanding about the nature of my workflow last Spring, I’m feeling quite disinclined to give my employer the gift of piles of free labor this year at Christmas.

  2. Anaphylaxing

     /  December 27, 2013

    YAYYY congrats! I am allergic to cats but determined to have an outdoor one!

  3. I guess animals come to some sort of agreement, after a while. Even if it’s just – you have that half of the house, I’ll bite you if you put your foot over my side! My cat has the main bedroom and the front yard. If she tried swanning around with the dogs in the living room she’d be chased!


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