Got my results from 23 and me yesterday.  Me and Mr. Patient did.  Ancestry:  I am soooooo European.  99.7% European to be precise.  And apparently more Irish and British than Italian, which is a big “wtf?!”  Although I’ve always known that the Italian side of my family doesn’t look typically “Italian”.  Guess that remote little North-western village really isn’t in the same gene pool.

map and graph of european ancestry

Mr. Patient, on the other hand, has a speck of the Tribe in there.  Actually, two tribes.  Ashkenazi and some strange mitochondrial bits that are very uncommon in most places, except in a few populations including Native American.

My health risk profile is pretty good, if not really on point.  For example, I have genotypes associated with lower risk of having Migraines and Endometriosis.  Ha!  Ha, says my body.  I’ll show you migraines and endo!  Higher risks of selective IgA deficiency (not surprising given all the thrush infections), stroke, sarcoidosis, gout, narcolepsy, and alcohol dependence among other things.  The stroke risk gives me pause.  I really do need to quit smoking.  I don’t know if if’s from having worked on a vascular unit, from my grandmother dying from stroke complications, or from the nasty history of vascular bullshittery on my paternal grandfather’s side, but I do worry about stroke.  More than cancer in fact.

There’s an EDS group on the site, so I’ll be checking my data with them.  So far, 23 and me doesn’t do any data analysis for EDS….which I think is bad on them.  I know that there’s not a lot on some of the subtypes, but I thought type IV was genotyped.  You’d think they could map that.

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  1. Ha! How exciting! Tell Mr. Patient Mazel Tov and welcome to the tribe. Now he can fit right in at the B.A.T.H. How funny! It’s like that scene from the Fockers. I’m so mad we’re not relatives, though. And stop smoking! Argh. My EDS grandpa had a stroke. He was a smoker and had PAD and then the stroke that should have taken him out, but didn’t. It’s super sucky. :/

    I’d take 23andMe with a grain of salt (Kosher) because I looked into it awhile back and the studies that they pull what you’re at higher risk for are not great. My father now thinks he’s going to get diabetes due to the test (at almost 70 w/normal blood sugar levels). Lol! Sure he will. Well, they’re probably better for those of European ancestry, but not great for other ethnicities. Then I really thought they were weird as you may have noticed on Mr. P’s results that they put Ashkenazi Jews under European. Negative. The genetic studies show we are almost purely Middle Eastern, especially the Y chromosome. There was a bit of mixing with the female line as towards the beginning of the Diaspora, some men married S. European women–mainly Italian.

    I wonder what all the unknown European stuff is about in your results? Rather odd. I think the Italian not showing up in a bigger quantity is also odd. Huh? I presumed your dad was 1/2 Sicilian like so many, but if it’s Northern Italian, maybe they came from elsewhere and moved to Italy (or the borders changed like with us in Lithuania>Russia). I think the alcohol issue comes up for everyone with Irish blood or something! Oh, sarcoidosis is more common in N. Europeans (and Africans). They can get POTS and ANS issues, but you don’t seem to have any of the big symptoms of that.

    Btw, the VEDS test is 98% accurate as I had it due to all my VEDS-y minor criteria and that should be on their test. Maybe it’s because the test is so damn expensive and only done by 2 labs I know of in the US. I do know you’ll see some oddities with connective tissue (or ?), so hope that group helps you out.

    Super cool, nonetheless. As I did all that genealogy, I find it all very interesting. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • I think the reason for the not so much Italian is that the part of Italy my family is from is way up north. The language sounds more like French (they drop the ending vowels, a lot) and they’re fair haired, have light eyes, and light skin.

      I do take it with a grain of salt for sure, definitely the medical stuff. Like I said, apparently I’m low risk for migraines and endometriosis, so on those two accounts we get a big fat fail horn.


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