Day 3

It’s Saturday.  Three days in to my 5 day weekend.  A little sad that it’s half over.  Mr. Patient is out getting groceries and I’m turning some of my pumpkin angel food cupcakes into bread pudding.  The cakeyness of the cupcakes is questionable.  They are tasty, but they have more of a quickbread/muffin quality than cake one, so they seemed suitable for conversion.

I don’t have recipe yet, since it’s still cooking and filling the house with the most amazing cinnamon and nutmeg smells, by the way.  I threw some of the apples and apple “syrup” into it to, skipping sugar (ok, a few crumbles of brown sugar on top but not the cup and half or whatever of white sugar that my old bread pudding recipe called for).  Also, no half cup of butter.  Not if I want this food to empty out of my stomach.   I used a scant teaspoon of butter to grease the casserole pan that I’m cooking in, a must or the “bread” will weld to the sides.  So that’s about 4 grams of fat just from the wee bit of butter.  Meaning this is not something I can eat large amounts of at once.  I try to keep the fat content low since higher fat foods tend to slow gastric emptying.

Such a tragedy that I’m lactose intolerant and now fat intolerant.  I used to LOVE butter.  I am told that when I was a child, we’re talking highchair level kid, my mom once left a stick of butter within my reach and when she went to use it, discovered that I had grabbed it and was eating it like it was a candy bar.  Yes, my slow break up with butter has been painful, but I will survive.

Here’s what the “bread” pudding looks like in the oven.  Probably could use a bit more milk and egg, but we’ll see.

small casserole dish of bread pudding in oven

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  1. I think you are officially the normal Martha Stewart now! Oh my, the wafting cinnamon and nutmeg would make me itch like mad, but I bet your house smelled so good. Per the butter, my father did the same thing as a kid. Funny.

    • omg, a cinnamon and nutmeg reaction would be tragic. It kills me that chocolate gives me such trouble. If I had to take those spices off too, oh it would be terrible.

      • I know. I can’t have any spices except saffron due to the mast cell garbage and chocolate and vanilla flavoring triggers my rosacea for whatever reason, so back to the gruel. I decided to try a few new things last week with disastrous results: carrots, potatoes, summer squash (may be able to eat a hair), and peaches–knew the latter would be bad due to fructose so tried 1/2 and was itching like mad. What a waste of money! I can eat a bit of butternut squash but due to the limited kitchen in here, I have to get the bagged kind (like a cup) which is almost $3 at Walmart! Maybe I’ll gain an ounce! :/

      • Can you tolerate protein powder?

      • I can only have rice-based/unflavored and it’s pretty worthless (and so expensive). I add it to my green tea and it’s fine as I have no appetite anyway. I asked the crappy GP who is getting fired if there was something Rx for super allergic/intolerant types and she said she had looked into it for someone else. Sure she did. I get that answer or “just try harder” to everything and she just walked out of the room and no useless labs to do like normal, so that was the clue that she was done with me and vice versa as no future appt was booked like usual. Good! I have a whole month of appts and then will start the hunt for crappy PCP #99 in this city. :/

      • That sucks. There’s one I want to try, it’s only available online and is expensive, so I haven’t yet summoned up the energy to buy it. Worried I’ll be disappointed. So many things out there that are a hodge-podge of ingredients. It’s no wonder you react to them. I’m so troubled that your doctor just didn’t give a crap. That sucks. 😦 I don’t blame you for leaving her. I know the search for a new one is awful, but you deserve better.

      • Thanks. I feel like I’ll go through a huge hassle just to get the same incompetence with a different face/office. She’s not officially fired until I find one as I need my thyroid med, etc. So tired of this! Argh.

        I hear you about mystery ingredients and then I can’t read them! Everything has mystery ingredients and lots of mast cell producing spices!!!

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