Fired up

I think I need to fire my GI doc.  Again.  Another GI doc down the tubes.  The most recent of the GI doc follies came last night, around 9:00 PM, when mine called me to tell me that she needed to cancel the appointment I set up with her for today.  This would be ok, if it weren’t coming on the heels of her basically abandoning me in the middle of a medication crisis in August.  I hesitate to use that word, “crisis” because it sounds so alarmist, but there isn’t a better word for it.  “Snafu” sounds too cutesy to describe what happens when your med starts giving you creepy side effects that mean you have to either massively reduce (to the point in ineffectual) or stop the med.  We talked then, right when it happened, by phone.  She told me to follow up “mid week”, neglecting to mention that she was about to leave the fucking country.

I followed up Wednesday that week, and as is usual for her, she didn’t call back.  Eh, I figured, not knowing that she was about to high tail it to Europe, I’ll just call again tomorrow.  Tomorrow came and went and no reply from her.  I called the next day and was told she was out of the country for two weeks.  Well, fuck me!  “Do you want us to have the covering doctor call you back?” her office staff asked me.  “Yes, I guess so,” I told them.  Then I waited.  And again, no call back.

I finally called again and made an appointment to see my doctor.  “What’s the reason for the appointment?” “To check in on my medications, management of the gastroparesis, and to discuss communication.”  Her first appointment was for over a month away, but I took it.  And in the meantime, I managed my own god damned meds and did a better job than she’d done.  I gained weight finally.  Not a ton, but I’m back over 120 lbs and heading towards 125-land, still less than I weighed when this started and still too small for most of my wardrobe, but within a normal range for my size and age.  And then she calls and leaves me a message that she has to cancel the appointment and I should call her secretary today to set up something else that is “convenient” for me.

Hey, you know what would have been convenient for me?  For you to return your god damned calls.  To keep your appointments.  I’m not inflexible, I know things come up but with this doc, that is the norm.  If I were not working, I could perhaps make this shit work.  My primary care routinely runs 2 hours late for appointments, but with his office, you can call and they will tell you how late he’s running.  With GI doc, her office keeps up the pretense that she has her shit together so if you  call, you’re told to come at your appointment time, then you will wait over 2 hours to be seen.  That coupled with the August abandonment and then this most recent malarkey is too much.  Oh and I should mention that the bad feelings that getting this call so late at night raised for me kept me up until 2:00 AM.  On a work night.   So I think it’s time.  I need to find a new GI, which is one of my least favorite things to do.  I had been considering changing within the practice to a different doc, but the no call back from the covering doctor in August leaves me feeling a bit hesitant to do that.  If that’s a sign of how they run things over there, and if I have to go through the trouble of starting over with another doc, it may be just as well to leave her practice entirely.  :/

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  1. FIRED (whole practice)! Oy vey… I’ve had so many docs like that where you wait all day for 15 mins and get nowhere and forget any contact w/o an appointment. Well, glad the doc’s making so much money for all that travel while you suffer!

    I so hate starting the process again so I do know how you feel. How is the next doc/staff/wait going to be, are they any good, and on and on…

    Super sucky, but I’d just look elsewhere because this is a pure waste of your time (and such malarkey)! Love that word if you recall.

    • I love malarkey too. And shenanigans, although someone co opted the latter for a bar or something and now it’s less fun.

      She does take her time when meeting with you, but because the office won’t be up front about her schedule, you have to come at the scheduled time, wait two hours, and then by the time you see her, *you* end up having to rush through the appointment if you need to do anything like work or get home and eat. I nearly lost my job over this. My boss thought I was bullshitting about how long it took to get in and out of an appointment with this doctor.

      Oh and I found out why the doc canceled with 18 hours notice. She had to teach. I had really been hoping it was some kind of family thing or something reasonable and unexpected, just so I wouldn’t feel so dissed. Nope. Just good old fashioned hubris and/or poor time management. So yeah, they’re fired. There’s a GI doc at other BATH who was listed on an EDS board as knowledgeable about EDS stuff, so he’s my first runner up here. Need to call and make an appointment. Probably they’ll be booking into 2015 at this point. Seems to be the way it goes up here. Good docs, waiting lists a mile long. I also wrote to the neuro/very special specialist’s fellow and asked her if their practice has anyone in mind for GI docs who can handle autonomic dysfunction caused or mediated GI stuff. Keeping my fingers crossed.

      • Fingers crossed! We have long waits here too and then to see sub par docs. Ugh. That’s sort of why I don’t think the actual waiting lists in the EU (not Canada) are probably not a huge deal.

        Well, I hope you can see that one doc who knows about EDS! I never had anyone that would let you come late if the doc was running late, and they all ran 2+ hrs. When I was working still back home, I’d make 7 am appts and wait 4 hrs for one doctor. Omg. You can’t be sick and have a career, seriously. Well, I worked four 10s when I was getting sick in ’01/’02, so I could have all day Mon. to deal with the late doctors. Now, I just can’t SIT due to my pain (or then) and I feel so sick so if they make me wait like that, they’re fired. I just have my dry eye doc who’s like that, but he’s the best so I have to deal with it (yeah, can I just show up 3 hrs later). Argh.

        Hang in there…

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