Fall food, part 2

The cake was a hit.  Mr. Patient made blackberry coulis, a variation on the recipe here.  Variation because Mr. Patient and I are very bad about our quantities.  We just kind of cook by eye, nose, and taste.  Looks, smells, and tastes right?  It’s right!  I made a spiced peach puree.  A super simple recipe that I’ll post below – and quite tasty….if you like peach.  I was informed by my brother that peach, along with cinnamon is a “dirty flavor”.  It’s not bad, but it’s not fresh, was his reasoning.  Well then apparently I like “dirty” flavors, because I really liked this peach puree and the bright sweetness was a nice counterpoint to the tart and complex blackberry sauce.

Spiced peach puree:

Again, quantities are rough estimates (except for the peaches, on account of packaging).

4 cups of diced peaches, strained.  You can probably use frozen or fresh too but I find the cups of diced peaches are better in terms of softness (or absence) of peel.

1 – 2 Tbsp of cinnamon

2 dashes of ground ginger

1/4 cup of white sugar

Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor.  Blend thoroughly and chill.

In the photo immediately below, the peach puree is to the left of the cake slice.  The right of the cake has the lemon icing, and then laid on that and to the right is the blackberry.  I probably would just do one if I were doing it again, but I had to try it all since this was a new set of foods for me.  The blackberry is too dark to really discern but the color was a deep red, so that plus the cake and peaches made for a really nice set of Fall colors.  Below the cake picture is a shot of the pumpkin pudding, the pumpkin pudding recipe is here.  I made another batch yesterday AM before going out with my brother on our birthday shopping trip.  Consider it “queer eye for Dyspatient”, it was my birthday present from him, a shopping trip to a store that there’s no way in hell I would have gotten myself to because after parking and walking and shopping, I would not have had the energy to get home.  Success, I scored a couple of nice additions to the wardrobe, including two very nice, lightweight cardigans that will convert my yearlong summer wardrobe into something more seasonally appropriate.  With heat intolerance comes a whole slew of clothing constraints, a major one being sleeveless or short sleeved tops are now a necessity.  I’m pretty tired though.  Woke up today with a bit of hurting.  My “little” brother is 6’4″ so even walking slow, it’s hard for him to walk at my snail’s pace (I’m 5’4″), and the faster I walk, the harder I come down on the hips and legs.

angel food cake with peach puree and blackberry sauce


Whisky pumpkin into pudding base in a stovetop saucepan.
And pumpkin pudding!

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  1. How nice! Glad you had a good time and ATE and little brother is too funny (and sounding rather Marfan-y). We’re the same height, but I shrunk 1/2″ for some reason (possibly the DDD in my neck).

    Glad you got a little break from EDS Land…

    A 🙂

    • A break was nice. And food was great. Thanks!

      Oh yes, “little” brother got all the tall from the side of the family with the known connective tissue disease. And he has psoriasis. So more on the autoimmune front there. That whole side of the family is super tall – my mother’s the shortest of her sibling set (5 total) and she’s 5’10”. Me, I just have “signs of tallness” without the actual height.

      • Woah! Giant mom! My dad’s like 5′ 6″ on a good day. Lol! Freaking Napoleon (very scary short man). My aunt is around 4′ 11″, so I really am TALL. I remember little brother has the pectus thing seen in MFS and EDS at times. Too tired to Google, but I do know what that is! Hmmm. Definitely genetic over there.

        My EDS grandpa (mother’s side) had the Marfanoid habitus and towered over his father in photos and none of his siblings were overly tall (he was 6′ but so thin/lanky he seemed taller). I didn’t know them well and 1 brother died before I was born. Who knows if it started with him or what? My mother is 5′ 6″ and doesn’t have midget legs like I do. She was very thin when she was younger and longer arms and legs, but nothing odd. Never had to hem her damn pants like me! The MFS features in EDS are rather interesting and I’m sure little brother isn’t complaining about the height, whether he has EDS or not.

      • Right, I forgot about his chest. No, he’s not complaining about the height, not at all. We are blessed/cursed with broad shoulders in my family too. I guess all the better to hang that massive frame off. Blessed because for the women, it balances out the hips. Cursed because although I’m thin and flat chested, I have shoulders and arms at least a size bigger than the rest of me.

        That’s so odd about your grandpa being a giant among the siblings. I suppose someone back there must’ve been pretty tall!

  2. Lol! I have broad shoulders too and coats never fit! Argh. I think it looks better but so hard to find clothes as women seem to be shoulderless or something. That’s my super achy area so I dread winter with the coat that fits everywhere but my shoulders. Oww! I got the shoulders (also larger seeming rib cage?) from father>grandfather, who was a boxer in Chicago, so I wanted to do that when I was younger but never did. Long arms and legs are so GOOD; I’ll trade you. I have long arms and a long torso and midget legs! All parts over here. I think I’m a monkey or something. I don’t have hips, but had the black girl body so the shoulders did give me an hour glass, but that’s all gone (like my boobs). So, now just a skinny monkey.

    I don’t know about tall EDS grandpa. I wonder if the mutation started with him as I never heard of all the joint/spine/pain issues with anyone else. Then his short father per the photo I saw. There’s one photo of his mother but hard to tell as she’s standing alone. She was rather zaftig, but who knows? Well, when the genetic test is accurate, I’ll do some digging. Ooooh, that was bad.


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