Down a quart

Had bloodwork yesterday.  This is bloodwork ordered by my PCP and when that man orders bloodwork, he does not mess around.

Anti-ganglionic antibodies and a host of immune tests…I think I got all the complements drawn, crazy shit the lab had to look up.  This is because you’re not supposed to get chronic mucosal thrush infections, apparently, with an intact immune system.  So we’ll see how this goes.

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  1. Oh, yay! Send your doc PLEASE! My complements were off before (the one for lupus/vasculitis when I had vasculitis and who knows now), which I had to turn into a joke that it was b/c I never get compliments (no laugh from former, dismissive rheum). I just got crappy lab results taken by the crappy GP I see next week for said labs, but really so she can just make more money. We’ll see if she has anything to say, which I doubt, so I sucked it up and called Dr. step-dad. Just annual blood work, but things are not normal for me. Well, waiting on your labs now! Lol. Hang in there…


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