why the hell didn’t you go to med school?

This was what my primary care asked me yesterday evening at my appointment for what Mr. Patient has and I now have.  Yes, I now have it.  So it’s cups and tubes for me too.  😦

Mr. Patient’s c-diff toxins came back fine so PCP told him that he can take lomotil now if he wants to.  “Yeah, I’m the one who told him not to take that….” I said somewhat sheepishly.  “No, that’s good.  You were right.  You can’t take lomotil when you have c-diff or you’ll trap the toxins in.  Why the hell didn’t you go to med school?”

I explained that I already dropped out of a PhD program, don’t need to add dropping out of med school to the list.  “You dropped out of a PhD program?  Why?” he asked.  “Because I got sick.  And when I asked for accommodations, they were like ‘oh no, we can’t even consider accommodations in GRAD school because we just don’t do that in GRAD school…’ so I left and went into university disability services so that I can be part of changing that shitty attitude.  And I helped a student who is blind get through law school last year, so I think it’s a win.”

“So yeah, you’re doing good things.  That’s good.” he said.  Yep.  For as long as I can.

I’ve taken to looking at work now as something I am still doing while I can.  It helps with the work stress.  It helps me not panic every time I get sick and might not be able to work at 100% or at all.  (ok, truthfully, 100% is like 150% but that’s become the norm).  It also helps that I have a new therapist who herself has a chronic illness and is literally the first non-MD to whomI haven’t had to explain what gastroparesis is.  And speaking of therapy, I’m off to that now.

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  1. Aw, I love your PCP and sorry about the fun tubes for you too. I had a similar experience with my optom today–the “how do you know that?” comment 5 times. Anyway, I think your career is probably right up your alley, but could be a lot better if the bosses understood all you go through. Glad the new counselor is working out; I had to cancel my appt. again this week due to the weather and asked if he could get back to me about my next appt. Never heard from him. Does that mean I got kicked out for being super sick for more than a month, which is why I go? :/

    • He’s pretty good. Wish he and his staff were a wee bit better on the paperwork, but I know they’re swamped.

      Give the therapist another call. I think this is a tough time of year for a few reasons. People are on vacation still (stragglers). I think that this time of year is actually pretty stressful for a lot of people. I read an article recently that said separations and divorces go up in the Fall. Not sure how scientific it is, seems kinda anecdotal but here’s one if you’re interested: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/23/divorce-study_n_3806553.html

      I know that some people get depressed in the Fall too, maybe a hold over from the old school calendar?

      And at least up here in the Northeast, there are the early Fall Jewish holidays to contend with. Lots of people out here and there, or covering for colleagues out here and there for those.

      Anyhow, my point (yeah, I had one in there!) is that they might just be busy and your message may have gotten lost in the shuffle. worth another shot. I hope you connect with him.

      • Ha! I bet that article is totally spot on. Thx for passing it on and oh so glad I ever went that route! Anyway, I go to the low-cost clinic that serves the court-appointed junkies and DV guys and then HIV+/Hep C crowds in the morning. So, no add’l stress for the former, at least. I so hate that waiting room with everyone talking about the last time they shot up! I got a call and a return on my e-mail today, but now my extra/spare time slot has been cut and since I usually have appts with docs on the day I see him, I’m screwed w/o my option to switch days. He doesn’t have any control over it and has to run all these groups now, so not sure as I can only see him 2 times ’till Nov due to losing my extra spot. Argh! Oh, that’s swell. Of course, it may still be raining! Normally, it’s really hot until early Oct or so and then freezing, so we have 2 seasons in my mind. Odd place. Yes, all my people will be back in shul again soon. I’m reflecting in my room due to obvious reasons. Lol.

      • Oh I hate two season areas. I love spring and fall. Don’t love the allergies, but I get them from various sources year round now, so it’s not confined to spring/fall. It was 93 damned degrees here yesterday…wtf?! Even Mr. Patient’s joints hurt this AM and he isn’t usually riddled with pain. You can imagine how mine are doing today. I gotta go lie on a CT scan table in two hours too. Woopie. I’ll ask for a pillow or something. To bite perhaps. ;p

      • Oh no, sounds like that X-ray table and that was 10 mins! I can’t tolerate furniture in general and then the hard stuff–ugh! So sorry. 😦 It’s awful here and I had a hoodie on last night in the room! I actually need 1 season: the hot, dry part of summer. My joints are hurting now too so can only imagine. Humidity has been like Seattle, so just awful. I swear I’d really go to the Sahara if I could. Well, I guess you’ll get your fall soon. 🙂 We get spring as there’s a gradual warm up, but I’ve never noticed a fall–just seems to drop 30 deg. overnight and then get your wool coat out. Strange place. :/

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