the doctor won’t see you now

Next week, I have two doctor’s appointments.  One is with my primary care, to follow up on the not very special specialist I saw a few weeks ago.  I’m off to bachelor number 2 in a few weeks, another try at a very special specialist.  This is the one who I am calling “the Turd” since I’ve gotten very bad reviews of his “bedside manner” from several doctors.  “Oh he’s really good, just no bedside manner”.  Ah.  Code for asshole.  Since the first specialist was such a dud of an appointment, I thought I should reconnoiter with the PCP about it and about strategies for approaching the turd second one.

Next week’s second appointment is with the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor who has been following me (not very closely, just a yearly check in) for thyroid nodules.  He’s nice.  I don’t know if what I’m seeing him for is really in his wheelhouse though since I think he’s more head and neck surgery than nose and sinus guy, and right now it’s nose and sinus that’s a problem.  See, back in February after the flu from hell, I got oral thrush.  This happens now and then.  But this time, it was very aggressive, and it also ended up in my nose.  Yep.  Nasal thrush.  Don’t google that, the pictures will scare the crap out of you.  We treated with a whole bunch of fluconazole, which seems to help but slowly and not 100%, and with nystatin swish and swallow (which helps a lot faster for the local infection).  About a week and a half ago, it came back.  I think it may be in my sinuses now.  And that is a bit unnerving.  I had some fluconazole left, I’d refilled the month’s supply I had in March, and I started taking it last week.  Been on it a week and I’m doing better….my temp’s down and I’m not as sore through the nose and sinus areas.  So do I keep the appointment?  Back in March, my primary care wanted me to see someone for this but I was tangling with the onset of the gastroparesis, was on a disciplinary attendance plan at work because my boss lost her mind over (excused) absences due to illness and medical treatment (for the GI).  I didn’t want to add another doctor’s appointment in there.  And then by the time all that was letting up, it had passed.  I called early last week when I was still running a temp of 100, still feeling like someone was hammering my forehead and cheeks, and when the inside of my nose looked like cobweb covered hamburger (sorry for the gruesome but that’s what it looks like folks).  Now, I’m not so symptomatic and I’m thinking “well, is this ENT guy really gonna see anything if I go on Friday?”  I think I’ll keep it.  At the very least, we can discuss whether there is a clotrimazole or nystatin nasal spray, and how I can get in to see him a little more promptly if/when this comes back.

Mr. Patient is still sick.  He’s seeing the PCP on Thursday and has been trying to get them to call in labs for him before hand.  While I do like our PCP, his office staff is…well, let’s just say that sometimes they do not function as a well oiled machine.  Mr. Patient plans to keep the appointment, not skip out on it, but it’s a late appointment Thursday.  Say the doc does request specimens for the lab…there won’t be time to go to the lab after the Thursday appointment.  So you go Friday.  But you can’t drop off Friday, you have to pick up the collection containers, then bring them back…but it’s Friday so you can’t bring them back until the NEXT week.  You see the dilemma.  It just drags on and on and meantime Mr. Patient suffers with running to the bathroom 6 to 8 times a day.  He’s not a thin man, but he’s loosing weight now after a week of this.  And it’s a little creepy, a little disturbing.  It’d be good to know what he’s got, or to know that he’s got to move on to a GI doc if the specimens are normal.  Because as we know, getting that first appointment with a specialist, even a not very special one, can take months.

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  1. Hmmm… I say keep the appt w/the ENT and I bet you can get a spray compounded if not available. Well, you know me w/the nasal irrigation that I tested out with tea tree oil myself and was fine! Totally fine! Back up plan. 🙂 I wish I could get more than 1 pill of Diflucan a month, back to my crappy doc. Oh, now I’m confused as you have 2 Dr. Turds, or was that the Dud? Lol! Well, almost all of mine are turds so no need to explain. Did you take photos of your mouth at least b/c I would do that with all my purpura and what not as they may have cleared up by the time I saw the rheum, who just dismissed me, but thought I’d mention.

    I think Mr. Patient may turn into Mr. Dyspatient soon. OK, that is not normal and I know all about those silly vials they give you. It’s so silly. I had to do that every month I think in Mexico and they give you a plastic bowl with a lid! How humane! I wonder what the heck he picked up–it’s too long to be some random virus. Well, let’s hope it’s nothing.

    Off to bed before it’s night again! Hang in there…

    • I do have photos of my mouth, not the nose though. Too hard to get a picture of it. But from the nose, I have a specimen my PCP sent off back in early March when it was super bad. Oh boy have I got diflucan. And clotrimazole, and nystatin.

      I am worried about Mr. Patient. I wish he could’ve gotten in sooner, but then he wasn’t exactly in a rush.

      • Send any expired anti-fungals this way! Haha.
        I was thinking about Mr. Patient and how he goes to the doc with you and you go to the BATHs. Do you think he could have picked up C. diff? I think you’d get it from him–or not even notice, but just a thought. I don’t know what else in urban America would give you turista. :/

        Off and running…

      • Yeah, I was worrying about that.

      • OK, I know I’m supposed to be showering and cleaning, but am not. Crap. I just heard from a blogger on here who is following me so thought I’d do the thank you. EDSer. I know you have turned over every stone, but she sounded like you right now, minus the yeast I think, but said it was nasty and massive antibiotics for years. Did you have an IgA deficiency ruled out? I saw this w/another EDSer and never looked into it, but it can cause all the chronic sinus/oral, etc. stuff. I’m sure you know all this, but what the hell. I had so many throat issues in my teens as did she and then I’ve had bronchitis every year since ’00 or so–it’s rather odd. EDS thing? Well, tonsillectomy cleared up my throat nightmare so I think I’m fine, but thought I’d pass on. You probably wrote about this and I’m too spacey to remember. :/ OK, really shutting the laptop now…

      • I don’t know if they ever tested for that. I have some immunological testing…I can ask my primary.

      • Worth looking into. It’s an immune thing and I chatted with this women again tonight and said she thinks it got better since her youth, but hasn’t researched it in depth. It’s genetic and she got it from the non-EDS side. Food for thought…

      • No it definitely is something to think about. I read something somewhere back in March about certain people having a higher susceptibility to oral candida overgrowth, it was a genetic thing. Probably this. My little brother is also prone to thrush…yeah, he’s HIV positive too but his docs are always like “you CAN’T have thrush, your T cells are too high.”

      • I remember you mentioning little brother had that issue and with a normal T cell count–I think it’s something else, too. I thought for sure you’d heard of this! Well, we all learn something new. I thought it was an autoimmune thing, but no, straight immune-type issue.

      • Definitely will ask my doc about it.

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