painful week

The weather has not been kind to me this week.  I really could use a little kindness.  Wednesday, something in my thigh pulled and my toe was desperately trying to break free of its proper alignment.  Yesterday, my right hip and pelvis decided to get in on the act, leaving me with pain here, pain there, pain pain pain.

So I hobble and limp around and wonder how long it will be before I am back to the cane.  If this weather keeps up, soon I think.  I recall that last Fall was bad too.  Must be the season change.

Hubby’s still sick.  Or sick again.  Bad GI stuff going on for him.  No idea what brought it on, but he and the toilet have been bffs since Monday.

And it’s busy time at work.  Not a good time to be sick, but what’s new.  I’m seeing my PCP next week to discuss how the not very special specialist appointment went, strategize on how to approach the next one, and possibly order the anti-acetylcholine receptor antibody that the last doc wouldn’t run.  Grrr.  And then it’s off to the ENT doc since the oral/nasal thrush came back last week….ah that reminds me, time for a fluconazole.  It’s helping, but I know this infection.  Usually, it has an initial response to fluconazole, then after about 5 days of waning it comes raging back.  We can add sinus pain to the pain list.

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  1. Bff with the toilet? Sorry, but that made me chuckle. Hope he feels better soon AND you too!

    • 🙂 A delicate way of putting it. I hope so too. We’re both seeing the PCP next week, same day but several hours apart, wish we could just do a joint appointment. It’d make things easier schedule-wise.

  2. Ugh. So sorry and I’ve been just OUT for most of the month due to this monsoon that will not let up and a new storm blew up from Mexico yesterday/today–I forgot. I wonder if when we get sicker (like in my case from the weather) if our ANS and everything goes with it. Well, sick to me is my chronic 7+ pain going through the roof but my eyes are dryer (with crazy humidity?), my stomach has been off, etc. Curious if that’s how the thrush showed up again? Well, I have been thinking about you but literally cancelled everything 2 weeks in a row aside from the oncologist for kitty and I about died that day, and she now has a GI bleed from the chemo and has to take another oral med 3 x day!!! Oh, she hates me and that clinic so much she poops in the back each time! Lol! I was thinking I should leave some presents for the crappy docs in this town myself, even though MM’s doc is very good and nice too! How funny would that be–like in the mail a la the Unabomber. Haha.

    Lastly, can I have your PCP? He sounds so great and aren’t they supposed to be like a middleman? Jesus. Mine–newest one–does nothing but make me get labs and more labs so she can bilk me out of money and won’t give me refills on even my BC to suppress my awful periods unless I get labs (for what?). You go for your annual and get a year supply–even Planned Parenthood did that back in the day. I had to do that today in the effin’ rain and about passed out from fasting, but had my glucose tabs. Oh, do you think that’s an EDS thing? It’s getting worse and worse and I didn’t know it was rare in non-diabetic adults. Regardless, I think my cholesterol is fine lady! Oh, here’s the worst. While there, I picked up a copy of my PAP results (that KILLED) as I’m going to see another OB/GYN who probably sucks yet AGAIN for a few EDS-related issues. All sucky, all DOs, and no straight GYNs, which I’d prefer. I called her ahead of time to see if she’d heard of EDS and her ass’t told me to see a rheum. :/ For prolapses, etc.? Anyway, back to the GP/PAP fiasco. Despite telling her I was not getting busy with anyone, per the copies from the lab, she apparently ordered 4 or 5 STD tests like I’m some 16 yr old–and didn’t need them then! Doesn’t she need my consent? I think I’d know if I had a few of those. Then I saw my PAP, which showed no cancer concerns but something about the sample wasn’t up to par and inflammation was present. From what? They never even called w/the results back in May, but as they’ve been normal my whole life of getting them, I didn’t bother to call. I always get a copy as normal docs do your whole wellness exam at once (which also saves money), but no! So, I never picked up the copies b/c I spaced as no labs had been done for 6 mos. Oh, this is just great.

    I’m sorry to dump this on you but I just got back as I had to get MM’s med and am livid (and starving)! This GP had good reviews–so rare and like I trust the uninformed masses here–so I switched from the last, crappy internist. What to do? I think she hates me anyway as she’s from a country where my people are not allowed entrance. Lol. I’m not allowing her entrance and she also said all my pain from the exam was in my head, to which I replied that it’s been a problem for 5 yrs and only when I go to the doc and must be from EDS. Screw her and her foreign medical school degree where they probably don’t even know what a vagina is. Argh. And… I hope Israel blows Syria off the map! She’s from nearby, but just thought I’d add that. Feel free to edit. :/

    OK, I’m really sorry. I can’t take this low pressure and humidity anymore and what you’ve got going on is in my whole body, so I do really get it and it’s why I’m stuck in Crapville here. Why does the weather do this? Seriously. What’s going on with your husband? Is he okay? I just hope it’s not contagious for your sake! Lastly, I meant to ask if you’re any better since going off the Reglan? I saw that issue with a disease I crossed paths with in my ruling out days, and also POTS, but it would be a long shot. Well, just wondering if it was indeed a side-effect and hope the GP isn’t worse.

    OK, I’ll try to not comment until Oct or whenever the hell this monsoon is gone–worst in 10 yrs. Feel free to give your 2 cents to any of the above though if you can read through my typos and don’t feel like ripping my head off! :S

    • Oh, you PCP sounds awful. The STD thing alone would be enough for me to want to fire her. If you’re getting a bad vibe off her, I’d trust your gut. Maybe the people who gave her good reviews are just people who like tests and equate an abundance of them with “good doctor”. I personally don’t, and I know you’re wise enough about the medical stuff to not put much stock in something like that too. It is fatiguing to the patient, and kind of promotes a “boy who cried wolf” approach too, so that if the doc actually orders tests that you need after ordering a bunch that you don’t, you’re going to be so fed up with testing that you might just postpone or skip them.

      Strange about the pap. I wonder if she screwed up the collection somehow and if that’s responsible for the results showing signs of inflammation. I have no idea if that can happen, but you did say there was a note that the sample was less than ideal.

      I’m so sorry to hear about MM! That sucks! Poor girl. Poor girls. How much longer does she have on the chemo?

      • Thanks D,
        I feel so bad for having a hissy fit on your blog! MM has to stay on the Palladia forever I think–per the studies on dogs it was until recurrence, like that’s making me feel even better! I’m just in so much pain (hate that excuse!) from this weather since early July and have had to cancel PT, my counselor, and am more shut-in than ever. I can always force myself but not now. I told you about the meltdown in CVS wks ago, right? OMG! I appreciate your thoughts on the doc I want to poop on. Aren’t they supposed to coordinate your care? She, like the others, do nothing unlike your great doc and I literally am forced to see her for labs I can interpret myself–I mean standard blood work–and nothing else. She does nothing for me and won’t even write scripts for longer than 4 mos as mentioned so she can juice me some more. I’m pulling an Uncle Leo and calling her an anti-Semite! Lol–I love Uncle Leo. He’s so my grandfather (that little pic) who stole fruit from the grocery store as he was “sampling.” If I had a doc who could coordinate the 10+ specialists I have, maybe my stress could be a bit better or I could get better (unlikely), but that’s my job apparently and good luck getting records sent here and there with Records Girl! You know how that goes. So, here I go again and then I’m really going to go to bed and will deal with more monsoon tmrw.

        I haven’t talked to my step-dad in a really long time–there was a brief e-mail over the VEDS test and that was it. I could send him a scan of the report (doesn’t bother me), but things are really bad with my mother so think not. If this makes sense to you, let me know as now I’m freaking out like you about the cancer thing, although I don’t have a risk (I think) as some doc gave me the HPV test in ’08 or so, which is fine as she gave it to everyone and I get that it leads to cancer, but Gonorrhea, etc. at 39–really? Oh, HPV test was neg. so I thought I didn’t have to worry about cervical cancer due to the link they found, or maybe it’s not 100% of cases? Idk, this came out when–10 yrs ago and I wasn’t worried. The web says “most cases of cervical cancer are caused by certain strains of HPV” and that’s what the one doc tested me for and TOLD ME beforehand! What is most? 90%? Ugh. Oh, not yelling at you there! 😀

        OK, have my damn sclerals in still and glued to my eyeballs so can read (oh, my first name is missing the A–maybe it’s not me!):
        Neg. for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy
        Specimen adequacy: satisfactory for evaluation
        Endocervical/transformation zone component absent *note this is the EC/TZ–see below
        Comments: Inflammation present

        There’s all my personal business. I’ve found that inflammation is usually secondary to an infection, which has been RULED out due to Dr. STD–even candida, but I timed the test as I know when that hits. Then I found it can be normal and just repeat in 12 mos. I’m so confused. I don’t trust her enough to ask and her new receptionist is so rude. Then I found the following article about what’s absent (the EC/TZ). I’m so tired and achy and my contacts are killing me, but I don’t get if this is some body part or what? Oh, I’d kill to be a guy per usual. Then it says IF the EC/TZ is present (no) it can lead to malignancy or something and then it contradicts that. OMG! I already go to an oncologist! I think I need to go to bed–seriously. It says something about obstruction (was something preventing them from seeing it?). She made me bleed like crazy, but that started 4 yrs ago or so w/the last doc and must be from my type II/tissue fragility getting worse. So, maybe a bloody smear messes things up? If you get bored, do you mind looking at this when you feel better? I see the GYN (the DO–not great) in a month, so I guess she may be able to help but I had other things to discuss and now this. Well, now everyone knows what a freak I am. That’s swell. I should remove that link as my blog is dead anyway. :/

        Don’t stress yourself as I know you’re not well. I just literally can’t be a damn doctor anymore. I’m done! I’ve had it! I’m sick of living like a vampire! I should write a post but too sick! I hate EDS and want the fibro back that at least isn’t progressive and probably has a cure around the corner. Argh. Oh, per the above crap, I have a stage 1 uterine prolapse (plus bladder) that should be monitored, but don’t think that’s the issue as I don’t think it’s worse. Also, just found my PAP from last year (both May) and the EC/TZ was present then and nothing about inflammation and that was the yr my WBC was off–the same 2 things that were messed up when MM had the big tumor pre-amputation. I had those labs today for whatever reason and not in May. I mentioned it to the former doc and she said it was nothing. Too tired to spell them out but lymph. low and neutro. high. Oh, great. I’m right there with you now. OK… I’ll leave you alone now. So sorry! I think I’m seriously losing it, like my overloaded plate finally broke and spilled everywhere. 😦

      • Oh now I can’t find it but it looks like whether or not cells from the transformation zone are present can have a lot to do with where and how well the clinicial samples. So if she did the scraping/brushing in the wrong spot, she won’t get those cells. And I guess you want those cells because they are more likely to show malignancy if it is present or developing. I think she did a bad job of the test, and from what I can see you can probably ask to have it repeated in 6 months. I’d go somewhere else for it though….

        Inflammation. I am always walking around on the edge of candida overgrowth so for me, I’d just assume it was a low grade yeast infection but I can understand being concerned. If it were me, I’d repeat the test.

        Sorry this is freaking you out. I don’t blame you. It can’t help that your doc is so clueless. 😦

  3. D,
    This is a formal apology for yesterday or whenever I blew up your blog (don’t know what day it is) with just some of my 100 issues and please just delete it all. I truly respect that your blog is more of a personal journal for you and my messed-up life doesn’t belong on it. I’m so sorry and totally overstepped the boundaries there. You know all my excuses so I won’t repeat them. I was going to tell you yesterday as I was up until 2 pm, but Moush was refusing to take her GI med and then I just lost it b/c she needs it and I had a massive meltdown. So, after sleeping until 10 pm, here’s my sincere apology and I promise I’ll just keep my crap to myself, or maybe it’s best I just stay off WP for now or something. I’m really sorry again and wish I could delete all the crap above myself.
    A x

    • I can delete it if you want…I wasn’t bothered by it though. But if you’d like me to delete it I will. Let me know which though, I don’t want to overdelete!

      • Oh, I just feel terrible and am totally lost/stresses to the max and never ask for help which probably added to it. It’s fine if it didn’t bother you, even if I don’t believe you, but I just felt so bad that I dumped all that on you when you’re a mess too. It’s fine to keep it up as maybe it will help someone (what do I care–the freak show here).

        Thanks for your interpretation. I did finally find the same info after I got up, but a lot of it was contradictory. When I saw it could be due to inexperience, I was nodding my head, although all her patients are female and she does wellness exams all the time I’m sure. Anyway, I’m yeasty like you, but I did find 2 past PAPs after I left the comment (when was that?) and all normal for the zone and no inflammation and she tested for candida as mentioned. Oh, the last doc gave me the STD tests, too! Is it this town or something? Don’t I need to give consent? I did find that inflammation can be benign, but still. I think that’s freaking me out the most now, as it said that zone is often gone past 30 and by menopause anyway, although it was there last year. I would just repeat with the OB/GYN next month like you said but I have 100 other things to discuss, doubt my ins. will cover, and the test (whole thing really) is so painful now and then weeks of bleeding and cramping, which is why I dread it. I don’t think this new doc will have an explanation, but it’s some EDS or prolapse thing as it’s been 3+ yrs since they got that way. I’ve seen that some spotting/mild cramps for a day or 2 can happen–but weeks? That means big NSAIDs and I can’t take them as you know. Maybe that will be the only + when I finally have to get a hysterectomy for the prolapse, but surgery with type II is what’s making me insane right now as they’re looming.

        Btw, do you have gum erosion as I know it’s most common in classical but can occur in hypermobility. It’s so bad in my back teeth I think I finally need to get grafts so I don’t lose my teeth like some freak in Deliverance. OMG! I have the worst sensitivity and it’s just fugly, or so I remember, like the whole root is exposed on several as I can feel them. I can sort of see my teeth with the sclerals and see dark roots on new teeth so it’s spreading. Christ–I don’t even think my ins. covers that and I have other, looming surgeries to worry about and surgery is bad with my type and all the suturing/healing issues.

        OK, I really hope you enjoyed the research project, but I really do feel bad so I’ll just start hitting walls again or the elephant who just moved in above me and paces and bangs around 24/7–think I got a meth head again (furniture draggers). I tossed and turned all day/night due to him and am going crazy right now. I’ll see if I can get him moved if possible. Argh!

      • Oh god I hate having noisy neighbors. We’ve moved twice in the last four years because of that. And I hate moving too. I hope you can get him moved.

        I’ve never had that much pain with a pap. I think you must have a lot of tissue fragility. 😦
        I think for an abnormal pap, insurance has to pay for a retest, not sure how long out though. If you can stand to call and ask, it might be worth it to know. The minimum would be 6 months from what I’m reading online though.

        I do have receding gums. Started when I was in my mid 20s. I’ve often said if I ever have tons of money, one of the first things I’d do is get veneers or something done to my teeth. They’re a mess. Super soft, I blame some of the corrosion on the acid reflux, and receding gums even though I use the softest toothbrush I can find and I am not a “vigorous” brusher. These were the things they told me back when my first tooth/gum got going. “Don’t brush so vigorously” and “this happens as we age”. I think changing my behavior has helped some, but only so much.

      • Thanks. Noisy neighbor is out of here Mon (is that today?) so the perks of motel life. We have lots of residents, but also get some regular extended stay people who then leave!!! I had the junkie above me at the crapper condo last year. They put hard surface flooring into a crappy condo conversion (those are apts turned into condos). OMG! It was like a herd of elephants and the guy was a pygmy as I saw him once when I moved in right before my vision went. He’d pace 24/7 and smoke doobie non-stop that came though my vents somehow. Yes, I did a few things to get even but wanted him gone! I got the sewer dumped on my head from him, too.

        Yeah, I’m blaming massive tissue fragility for the exam issues/bleeding (no clue on cramping) as I never had that issue before a few yrs ago when the EDS went wild. It’s not vulvodynia as that’s a chronic thing. I guess I’ll consider it, but really don’t want to deal with the aftermath until next May. Lol. Oh, then insurance needs codes for everything and what’s the code? Grrr. I got the copies for the gyn so we’ll see if she has a brain. Thanks for the info.

        Ok–gum erosion. Thanks. Total EDS and it was mild in my teens and 20s and then got very bad at around 30 after buying a Sonicare which blasted my gums off. I do all the right stuff like you and I’m telling you my whole roots are showing from what I can see. Christ. I know this is common and probably worst in CEDS and it just keeps getting worse! Then my dad has it too, but not as bad. He always had weird stuff in his bathroom or the glove box thing in the car (with the Costco size Tums he’d chug from). That was him driving: “drinking” tums and using a gum simulator thing while listening to oldies and checking out chicks. Weirdo! He’s really throwing a wrench in my EDS family history with that, his crappy GI tract, ANS issues, current insomnia (not that I talk to him, just heard), bad back while he golfs everyday and who knows what else he’s made up to get out of doing things. I was doomed from the beginning. I wish I could dig some people up and bring in the rest and then the geneticist could say which side for sure. 🙂

        Oh, I totally want Lumineers on the fronts b/c I had my front 6 teeth bonded at 14 due to a bad orthodontist who rotted my teeth. No crap. So, they drilled all these layers off my teeth over a week or so and painted on the bonding agent or whatnot and voila. We had a great dentist back home and she was so good they looked real, but bonding lasts 10 yrs, not 25! They held up longer than 10 but are a chipped mess and then due to grinding/cracks, I can’t bleach (oh, I about died) and I look like a Brit now! I hate it. I’m going to ask the hygienist next month (since no dentist in sight) for a referral to a periodontist and just get the grafts done I think as I’m so afraid I’ll lose my back teeth. Omg. My evil grandmother is 94 and has all her damn teeth, What kind of disease is this? If I can swing the costs, I’ll pass on any tips on pro toothbrushes, etc.. I know that the skin on the palate that they use (eewww) is thicker, so maybe it will last, but holy painful and awful and how do you eat?

        OK, enough of me. I still have to shower and clean this place and it’s morning! :/

      • I wish there was some way to prep for the next pap so that you didn’t have so much pain. 😦

        My sister had to have a graft done for her gums, she lost two teeth in an accident when we were kids (unfortunately they were adult teeth) and she let them go….and go. Finally, so much work needed to be done that they had to build up the gum to do it, hence the graft. She went to the clinic at the local dental school (local GOOD dental school). Ok if you can schedule during odd hours. And OK if you live near a good dental school I guess. We lucked out.

        Oh I can’t use electric toothbrushes or those water pick things. I used to use the water pick but found out fast that was a bad idea with my teeth. So it’s glide gloss and soft bristles for me. And hoping that I can hang on to the teeth I got!

      • If there is a dental school here, I’m not going! Omg, I’d probably lose my teeth for sure. Where you are, I wouldn’t be that worried. I found reviews for a good periodontist (supposedly) today and will ask the hygienist next month. The biggest problem is I need to wear my night guard so I can’t touch my lower teeth which are better for now, but that’s where all the newer erosion is. Yeah, I’ve done Glide for yrs + soft brushes and no luck. My gums are healthy, but just weak I guess from the EDS. My dental ins. is super NOT user friendly (like no cards anymore) so don’t even know what is covered.

        Then, there’s the surgery. I can’t take narcotics so will have to suffer and then the poor wound healing issue and they stick something on the roof of your mouth for 2 wks and only soft foods. Well, you know what I can eat and how thin I am, so how am I going to pull that off? Ugh. It’s not like I can eat anything soft and no blender in here. I just want it done and then I need the eye surgery and I’m hoping I can find someway to prove that the doc here is inept so they’ll have to pay for me to got to LA. Then the rest of it… Back to the eye doc tomorrow for the new sclerals I won’t be able to wear so have to get to bed early but hope to know more. I refuse to see the surgeon here as I know she sucks based on being HERE and she uses a general and that’s a deal breaker. Most don’t and I’ll be a barfy mess and rip those muscles apart. Ugh! :/ Oh, monsoon is here all week again!!!!!

      • Nooooo! No more monsoon. It just makes everything so much more difficult.

        Palates take a while to heal up, I hear ya. I had a biopsy of mine that felt like a gaping hole for weeks. 😦

        I wish you had a blender. It’s been a godsend for me. I overheated it and it shut down once and I literally started crying thinking I had broken it.

      • Yes, I’m about to install huge fans in the mts. to blow this crap weather out—worst in my decade in the desert! I am super freaked about the post-op part of the grafts, especially since I heal so slowly. They make an impression and you have to wear some plastic thing on the roof of your mouth for 2 wks, which will be a month for me. Ugh. Oh, my ins. covers at 80% but it’s really expensive, so worried. I somehow took photos of my back teeth so I could see them last night (holy awkward) and it’s so bad! I did have too many teeth removed with the braces fiasco (now good) but am betting on 3 back teeth on each side, or 6 in total. That’s the top. The bottoms are better but that’s where it’s going wild and I can’t go w/o my night guard, so no touching those. Oh, this sucks. The sensitivity is everywhere for some reason. I think they’ll remove my whole palate and I’ll just have a poorly healing EDS scar there and get down to 80 lbs in the process. Argh. Maybe I’ll just croak and can be done with all this! :S

        Yikes about your blender! Yes, that would be a bad thing for you and I’d cry too–it’s like when I run out of food and am too sick to get to the store, so just gruel. My issue is what could I blend? I can’t even have broth as it has spices in it which set off the mast cell itchies from hell. No diary, soy, almond milk. No applesauce (fructose city). Then, the no narcotics thing. Freaking out! :/

      • Maybe they can stage the surgery, so that it’s not all at once? Although I guess that could be its own kind of bad, death by a thousand cuts and all.

        (btw, I just mistyped that last sentence so it said “death by a thousand nuts” and now I’m laughing at the thought).

        Blender. I can do broth, but I also can make a decent chicken broth with just split chicken breasts (easier than dealing with a whole chicken in a pot) boiled for a few hours with some veggies. I do potato soup with milk (lactose free), ground chicken, and a whole bunch of smoothies. I’m sure there’s more I could blend but I’m just not up to testing out the theory that if I just grind up the higher fiber/fat fruit and vegetables, I could tolerate them. If you’re not on a fiber, fat, and lactose restrictions I’m on, you have a whole bunch more smoothies that you could have. There was this very yummy one with almond butter, dates (I used a couple of raisins), cardamon, and cinnamon. It tasted like a nice chai. Are those off your list for mast cell reasons?

      • Cuts/nuts. Lol! It’s the palate that’s freaking me out so better to do it all at once like I did with my eye surgery. Oh, I hate this!

        Here’s what I can eat (and no spices of any kind, plus loads more, due to horrid skin allergies which I believe are mast cell related due to biopsy and I can’t take antihistamines):
        rice protein
        puffed rice cereal (dry)
        blueberries (get itchy for a bit)
        grapefruit (not too much as I worry about the acid and now the sensitivity)
        haricots verts
        lettuce with vinegar (ugh–yuck and more acid on my teeth)
        potatoes (hit or miss–they’re nightshade but more of a GI thing)
        olive oil if cooked or else I get a rash
        water (duh) /green or black tea

        Woo hoo! I will not go near meat by I do like flame grilled lean steak, so I get kabobs when I do errands at a crapper place that’s too cheap to use spices (yes!).

        Oh, I tried summer squash as that’s on FODMAPs now (food intolerance diet that works for me if I modify it) and did OK last week and also grapes, but only 1/2 cup or big issues. That’s why I weigh 100 lbs and I guarantee it’s causing the massive hypoglycemia now. Oh, there are things I can’t eat due to being rosacea triggers, and I have the cystic acne kind which is swell. Oh, that pisses me off as I had very nice skin until my 30s and take 4 meds for it! Dairy is the worst and I could have goat/sheep dairy before but out. Then nuts (have some allergies also), avocados, bananas, and can’t remember what else. All around just sucks, but my GI issues are gone and my skin allergies are way better, but I also have environmental crap. Ugh! I ate such a healthy diet and loved to cook back in the day. Also, water won’t boil in here! There are 2 hot plates more or less. I can boil my small saucepan for tea, but the big pot that I tried for potatoes just sat there for hrs! Fun. 😉 Well, if you get any ideas there (and no hot food post-op for weeks), just let me know while I pull my hair out and still losing handfuls!!! I swear that’s all I can eat and it sucks… Oh, so tired as I slept 4 hrs–why don’t I go to bed??? OK, going…. Hope all is as well as can be!

      • Hm, our diets seem somewhat complementary (aside from the rice). I eat saltines, potato soup (homemade with lactose free, low fat milk), shredded plain baked chicken breast, sometimes with a little low fat mayo, and smoothies. Mostly I stick to banana blueberry smoothies and peach and ginger smoothies. Sometimes I get crazy and snack on a handful of rice chex cereal. Mmmm.

        Yeah, I used to like to cook too. Now it’s just a “gotta make the soup” chore every weekend, but I try to keep in mind that at least I can do that. Usually.

      • Eat to live. It sucks in general. I’m about to have a hypo attack but am pulling an all nighter again for whatever stupid reason (it doesn’t work!). Yes, I used to love to cook but cook what? OK, off the eat some gruel as I’m shaking and the sweat is coming. Crap. Oh, still monsooning! :/ I swear I’m going to just die in this room. Ugh. Hope things are better on your end.

      • 😦 that really sucks. I hope you got something to eat in time.

        Super busy with work, if you don’t hear from me for a bit it’s probably that. Students came back last week. And everything I’ve been urging them to do over the summer, which few of them actually did, they are all now doing en masse. And me with new deadline/guidelines in place, working with one less a 16 – 20 hour a week worker, and taking on more responsibility (all courtesy of my boss’ angry episode in March). I am just totally covered in work right now.

      • Ugh, so sorry. Can you fire the boss? 🙂 No worries as I’m just a total mess from the weather and kvetching like mad. I went to bed at 4 pm and got up at 12 am, so wondering how that will help me? Lol! Oh, did about pass out last night. I shoved 2 glucose tabs in my mouth and then downed a rice dish, but was shivering after. This must be some EDS thing as it was never like this before. Argh. Oh, I so hope you don’t get sicker from your job. Hang in there and talk when you can. x

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