A word I can never spell without checking.

It’s a relevant word right now because since I’ve started paying attention to it, I’ve noticed some strange things about my sweating pattern.  Today’s discovery:  asymmetrical sweating.  I am currently sweating on the right, but not the left.  Uh…I’m pretty sure that’s not how I used to do it.  I distinctly recall scrubbing out sweat stains on some of my shirts, and stains on both sides.  Maybe I’ve always been right dominant?  Dunno.  But today’s peculiarity makes me wonder if I can join A at Playing the Hand in her circus act.

On the plus side, I no longer have to use antiperspirant.  I can get by with deodorant only and stay nice and dry.  And there’s this lovely grey silk shirt I own which I had to retire from my wardrobe last year due to its ability to highlight even the smallest drop of sweat…breaking that lady out now since I can wear it with relative impunity (relative because if I get stressed, angry, or upset, the faucets start running).  Down side?  Have you ever tried to find deodorant that is not also antiperspirant AND which doesn’t have aloe and/or “ocean fresh man musk” scent?  Difficult doesn’t even begin to describe it.  I’m getting by with some kind of new age “crystal” mineral deodorant right now.  Works ok, doesn’t make me itch like aloe would, and I don’t smell like a 1970s man whore.

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  1. You’re so funny. Thanks for the ping-back thing. I have no idea how those work and thought I got some spam comment as it came to my inbox w/a different Gravatar (and name)! Lol.

    Come on over to the freak show! We can share the stage. That is very odd about the sweating, but I am secretly envious. I use 2, mega-strength anti-antiperspirants/deodorants and don’t dare lift up my arms. At least it’s relatively dry here, which helps. Oh, forget silk and I never wore white in my Seattle days–yellow pits for sure.

    Did you try Tom’s? Well, there’s a whole aisle for the fear-of-aluminum crowd now. Oh, would I stink with that stuff and not sure if there’s aloe–that’s about the one thing I’m not allergic too. Hmmm. It’s all so ANS-y with both of us, regardless. Hate it!

    Maybe the fact that you’re sweating on one side is a good sign, like your ANS is calming down finally. Hope the other side needs a “heavy sweater” soon, as well. 🙂

    • I just linked your post in my post, it generated a “ping” thingy apparently.

      Oh yeah, I used to do in white, especially tank tops. Haven’t tried them in a while. I assumed it was more than sweat that stained them up, that I exuded some kind of oil or something in the mix. lol. I was trying to think of this as a glass half full sort of thing too actually. Like “hey, half sweating is better than NO sweating….maybe things are looking up, maybe I’ll go eat a cookie and stop worrying that I’ll lose the ability to pee or enjoy sex next month!”
      Ever the optimist.

      • Lol! I’m always working on that optimist thing myself. Hate the damn white shirts–I think it’s sweat and antiperspirant combined or ?. Thought I was the only one. 🙂

    • Ah right, forgot about this. Tom’s is aloe-ful. 😦 Because aloe is magic.

      • Yes, aloe is very special to the tree huggers in WA, as well. What would they do w/o it? I fell for their crap and had an aloe plant in college for cuts (why not buy some damn Neosporin?). They drink it by the gallon, which I think is a massive laxative if I recall. No thanks. I love to tell those types that aspirin is natural and it caused me to have a stomach full of ulcers. Ugh! We had the natural stores w-a-y before Whole Foods showed up on the scene up in the Pac NW. I took a cooking class at one of them with a friend when I was really young and we made the gnarliest things ever. I was the kid who liked lima beans and brussel sprouts, but this was like macrobiotic nastiness. Eeeww. I had a neighbor I babysat for (Swedish, of course) and all they had to eat were weird crackers for bread and this hard, brown, goat cheese and alfalfa or something else odd. I loved chevre when I could eat it, but this was just foul and the kids ate that crap. Weirdos. :S

      • LOL. I can imagine. There are a few long standing outposts of crunchy up here in Ye Olde Northeastern City and surrounding towns. I remember kids who ate only carob – no chocolate! Can you imagine?

        The crackers and cheese family story cracks me up. Amazing that they got the kids to eat it.

      • Oh, I left out the carob! That was in abundance in the cooking classes. So, I actually loved carob (weird kid) and I found it yrs later in a health food store here and saw it was filled with trans saturated fat! So much for being healthy. I have a photo from HS where I’m eating it right out of the plastic bag! I have the paper cookbook we made from that class in my storage pod–so want to see it and all the gross food. Yeah, New England has that granola aspect from all I’ve heard–it goes along with being a latte liberal. Lol.

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