“like pennies from heaven!”

(“…still, where’d the lighter fluid come from?“)

Appointments are raining down on me, hence the quote.  Not quite like pennies from heaven, more like the notable aborted attempts from Gob Bluth, ending in fireballs or lighter fluid.  I say that because Doctor #1 is still unavailable until November but his former fellow is kicking around, heavily pregnant, and if she’s not had said baby (or having it at that moment) I will see her in two weeks….right smack on the worst day possible for me to see her with regards to my work schedule.  And Doctor #2, the likely turd, can see me a month after that.  And this week, I got not one but two appointments with a new possible therapist (therapy as in PSYCHOtherapy).

I am flush with appointments.  Oh and Mr. Patient is sick right now so it’s off to the primary care we go this evening.  He was is reluctant to go but there’s only so many times one can collapse on the couch or bed looking white as a ghost with a creepy blood pressure saying “I feel nauseous” that I will allow before it’s off to the doctor.  How many times?  Exactly three.  Three times.  Third time = a phone call and me setting up the appointment.  Hoping he’s ok.  He swears that all day today he’s felt fine.  Yeah.  That’ll happen.  Then you’ll feel like shit and it’ll be Friday at 8:00 PM.

Today, I got my nails done.  It’s an indulgence I can do and afford.  They are firetruck red with a deep, gold toned shimmer.  Lovely.  My toes are still a pale nearly gold color.  I’m calling it “fire and ice”.

Ah my timer went off.  Time to go eat.

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  1. Love the “fire and ice.” I did my toes last night. as well–but I can’t see my toes (or fingers)! It’s a bright, shimmery coral in the bottle–so nice with my golden-olive undertones. I probably painted my toes, hence doing my toes. Oh, it’s so tragic and if I had the cash for the local nail shop, I’d go in a heartbeat as I always had my acrylics back in the day. Haha.

    So sorry you’re still stuck waiting! Argh. I find that even though I am still not a patient person, getting sick has forced me to be more patient, not that I like it. It just changes every little thing. Not sure if you’ve noticed that, as well?

    Well, Mr. Patient (other type of patient) is just so typical, isn’t he? Lol! I think necrosis has to set in before men (aside from my father) go to the doctor. 🙂

    • I definitely have found that it changes how you perceive things like time and waiting. For me, I think it’s because I have to be patient with my body or I will end up in trouble. It makes me more patient with other people, to an extent. I still like to “get it done” fast at work though, more so now since I have this sense of “I have energy NOW that I might not have later, so I want to do this and get it done NOW.”

      • I’m the same, but then I pay the price. For ex., today I had an appt. so since I had to go out (you have to force me) I decided I’d play catch up on all the errands I needed to do PER USUAL. Now I feel like crap, I didn’t eat all afternoon/evening (grabbed some fries as that’s all I can eat on the outside), and then I have the overflowing inbox I’m currently dealing with. It seems like it’s all or nothing! I used to be able to do 100 things a day over and over again and will never get used to this. If I felt better, I’d spread things out over the week, but that seems impossible! Hate it!

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