thwartful rebuffery

My day yesterday.  Whew, it was a day.  Going into Friday without an appointment at the very special specialist’s meant the end of another week without any answers or hope for treatment in sight.  I knew that if that’s how the day played out, my spirits would be down.  What I didn’t know was that I’d be in the office by myself fielding a panoply of lengthy calls from needy parents with strange needs, that I’d get the two pieces of software we ordered over a month ago that apparently needed to be installed right that minute for billing reasons, and that I’d be juggling truly irksome emails and calls from two big corporate sellers who are trying to tell our institution that their heavily marketed but massively sub-par products are really ok, just fine, and fully compliant with the federal and state laws my office is responsible for adhering to….ah and faculty.   Can’t forget the faculty in all this.  They’re sprinkled throughout the scene like little mischief making gremlins, screwing this or that up royally and then copping a hell of a lot of attitude via passive aggressive emails.

Oh god and the building.  I forgot, how could I? that the building management decided that although the heatwave and “energy crisis” had passed, they’d recoup a little cash they lost in cooling bills the last few weeks by dialing back the HVAC to the point where it was 80 degrees in the halls, the restrooms, basically anywhere that didn’t have a window unit going full tilt.  And to top it all off, the shut off all power to the building at 6:00 PM.  Unannounced.  My day ends at 6:00 PM, I’d been planning on working a little late to be sure I got everything done that I hadn’t gotten done while dealing with the stuff I mentioned above…so at 5:55, I find out from a security guard that they’re shutting everything down at 6:00.  “Elevator too?” I ask, slightly panicked.  “I don’t know…you got a cell phone?” he asks as I am frantically pushing the button to call the elevator down.  See, I was in the lobby when I heard this.  My office and all my stuff was on the 7th floor.  Five minutes to get up, get through two locked doors, grab all my shit, save my work to a flash drive, and get back down or risk getting stuck in hot elevator or taking hot stairs down from 7.  It was like a scene from an action movie, except in this movie, the hero is a broke down cripple with the constitution of a snow flake.

After the mad dash, I had to wait 45 minutes for my ride home in the blowing rain on a stone step where kids stand and smoke and spit.  Because it was the only place to sit, because I had to sit because I can’t stand for 10 minutes let alone 45, because I had made pick up plans in the absence of knowledge that my building would go into lock down a half hour before I was planning to wrap up.

Oh…and the doctors.  Back to the doctors.  Did I get an appointment?  No.  Moreover, I was thoroughly rebuffed.  Called BI-BATH’s autonomic people in the AM, oh yes, we have your results right here.  Did you want us to do something with them?  (holy shit) Called primary care.  Yes, we got the results, we faxed a 16 page referral last week but can fax it to them again (yes please).  Called autonomic lab back, the woman who does scheduling is gone for the weekend.  Then called the turd doc and got a voicemail greeting letting me know that his scheduler is out until Tuesday.

My mood has been better. It’s been worse too, but what I can sense right now is that I am having the “prodrome” to an amazingly, spectacularly bad mood.  I’m at the top of the slope, teetering and about to go barreling down into the valley of “fuck you, fuck him, fuck her, and fuck all this shit”.

And you know what I really want?  What would make it all better?  To go out for pancakes.  Blueberry pancakes with bacon and homefries.  Yup.  That’d do it.  I’m sure of it.

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  1. Oh, that was a truly crappy, crappy week. I had to laugh at the action movie comment, though! This is where I go back to idiotic people and their complacent attitude that makes our lives so much harder: bizarro policies w/o forewarning, doctors’ staff that are impossible to get a hold of and/or don’t do the basics of their job, etc., etc. Argh!!!

    I’d be royally pissed off, as well! Well, that’s sort of my auto pilot as my weeks aren’t much better. Oh, I so hope you can puree blueberry pancakes and get some relief…
    A x

    • It’s crazy, isn’t it?

      No blueberry pancakes. Blueberry/banana smoothie though. Good but not the same.

      • Well, glad you got a bit of blue, nonetheless. Blueberries are my big splurge as they’re one of the 2 fruits I can still eat and I so love fruit. I get a weird comment when I go to the register with 10 containers of blueberries for the week (if the small containers). Lol! Hope they balance out my not-so-diverse diet as I think they make up 75% of my food budget. Haha.

        I’ll let you know when I turn into one. Didn’t that happen with that snooty girl in Willy Wonka? Big blueberry with a head–add it to the list.

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