Super max!

photo of orange and white tabby cat in blue soft collar

Super Max! For A and Moush

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  1. Aw, thanks. Max is so sweet looking, like he wouldn’t hurt a fly. I hate what happened to him. 😦

    Moush had that same collar for her amputation (vinyl or something) and it was uncomfortable around her neck and she couldn’t do anything as the recovery was so rough. Now she has this fabric one with stretchy fabric around her neck with a little cinch thing to tighten it, which seems much better and she can lay her head down and get into her food bowl, although I woke up to a bowl of food all over the towel–I think the collar acted like a big ladle and threw it everywhere. Poor kitty. Maybe I’ll try what you did tomorrow, but she’s so small (5.5 lbs or so) I think it will cover her only leg, but worth a try!

    Thanks for the post and lovely photo of Max and his poncho (or cape)… sweet Max.
    A x

    • Max was sweet, but also a bit of a bruiser. I had to stop letting him out because he’d go find neighborhood cats and start shit with them. Bad boy! The last time he was out, with supervision, he got jumpy so I decided to bring him in. Holy misplaced aggression! He attacked me….I ended up in the ER with deep bite wounds and gouges all over my hands and forearms. The docs were like “ok so that’s a cat that is going to be euthanized, right?” and I was like “no! He’s my baby! Now keep cleaning out that bite that goes through my middle finger and give me some fucking antibiotics!”

      • Oh, wow! MM was like that (went looking for other cats and then would do this scream that would wake me up to come and rescue her). Napoleonic complex. But, she’s never done that to me or anything like what Max did. Little stinker. I have no idea why she’s so friendly and nice with people–guess I just lucked out. Well, glad your hand didn’t come off!

      • Oh, I tried the cape but she couldn’t walk well (1 front leg) and then couldn’t get into her litter box as she couldn’t lift her leg. Shoot, The lampshade is a stiff fabric (like a visor of sorts). Good idea, nonetheless.

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