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Yay, my hair’s not falling out as fast as it was and it looks like I gained back some weight.  I’m going to credit some additions to my diet and taking some regular time off of work which allow me to prepare and eat said additions to my diet.  So here’s what I’m eating.

Wellesse liquid multivitamin.  It’s not the tastiest thing ever, but it is the tastiest liquid multivitamin I’ve found.  Tricks for getting it down while you’re getting used to it:  chill the vitamins, and follow it with a glass of water and a stick of strong, minty chewing gum.

Beneprotein powder.  Let’s be clear on this one:  I do not like the taste.  Contrary to what you may read online, it DOES have a taste.  To me, it tastes like the more innocuous bad smells of the GI unit.  If you haven’t been on one, just imagine less horrible hospital/nursing home smell.  You got it.  It tastes like that.  And it does not dissolve well, so if you add it to anything, add it after mixing thoroughly in a separate bit of water.  The flavor is not as noticeable in savory foods, like soups, but I think even there it would ring through if I were to actually take the full amount the nutritionist recommended.  So I am searching for a better protein powder, ideally one I can stand to put in smoothies that won’t make them taste like tube feedings.  Any suggestions?  Let me know!

Lean, skinless baked chicken breast, poached fish.  And blended food.  Blending chicken with chicken broth and/or lactaid milk.  Sound gross?  Well, it’s not too bad if you imagine it’s dip and eat with saltines.  Pudding with lactaid, ok.  If you use a mix, you need to buy one that is lactose free.  From the link:  Lactose free Pudding Mixes (prepared with a lactose-free milk) – Several Jello Pudding Mixes are lactose free including Banana Cream, Chocolate Fudge, Pistachio, Lemon and French Vanilla. (Caution: Jello Fat Free Pudding Mixes do contain lactose.); Royal Pudding Mixes that are lactose free include: Dark Sweet Chocolate, Pistachio, Vanilla and Butterscotch.

Homemade soups, potato garlic (which I can tolerate if it’s well cooked and now that I am not retaining food in my stomach for days), and I’ve added a very well blended ginger carrot.  Easier for three reasons now:  I have a much better blender that will actually blend cooked carrots into a very fine consistency, I read a tip on making fresh ginger paste and freezing it in advance (using said blender and ice cube trays), and I have learned to cook the hell out of the carrots before blending.

Smoothies.  Tons of smoothies.  This week’s additions included lactose free banana pear with a few frozen blueberries…omg, so damned good.  here’s a quick recipe – makes about 2 large smoothies – good if you want some to drink now and some to freeze for later:

  • One very ripe, sliced banana, either frozen or fresh.
  • One snack pack sized cup of diced pears (I used the little del monte snack pack ones).
  • About a dozen frozen blueberries.
  • 2 spoons of granulated sugar or sweetener (I didn’t use a measuring spoon, just a regular spoon from my silverware…I’d guess it’s just a touch over 1 tsp?)
  • A dash of ground cinnamon.
  • 3 cups reduced fat lactose free milk
  • 3 to 5 ice cubes, depending on how freezy and thick you want it and whether or not you used frozen bananas.

Blend, a lot because the blueberry needs to be broken down.

I also tried a cherry almond smoothie that I was not in love with. I liked the cherry, used frozen pitted cherries.  But either the almond butter or the almond extract was not a good addition.  I’m guessing it was the latter, I was a little hesitant to put extract in a smoothie but got the recipe online.  Pah.  Next time, I will forgo the almond extract.  I’m ok with a more subtle almond flavor.

So every weekend, I make at least one soup, mix in protein powder, and refrigerate it in a big tupperware jug that even I with my weak and clumsy hands can manage to get out and pour into a microwave safe mug (huge mug btw) for dinner.  I also bake chicken breast and wrap it or blend it for later in the week. The smoothies, I either freeze into popsicles or in reuseable sports bottles.  They take a while to thaw, but on the plus side, semi thawed they are like sorbet or ice-ice cream.  Not bad.  The protein powder, while gross, does seem to have made a big difference in weight.  I had been trying to eat about this same diet previously but was down to 120 lbs (from 133 – 137 range in February).  Oh yeah, and my hair was falling out although that started a while ago.  I think it one of the earlier signs that I was really not digesting my food right.  Last appeal….if you know of a good protein powder, post in the comments!

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  1. Nice post. I also feed smooties to Gen. Will try it with the pears. The blended chicken is interesting i should make that for her as she is having a hard time with any kind of meat it seems.

  2. Yay (sort of)! I’m so glad you’re figuring some stuff out and ginger is good for nausea. I used to take capsules of it in my barfing-from-pain days. I have no suggestions due to my intolerance/allergy issues. I do rice protein (unflavored due to allergies), but it isn’t a complete protein and is all the protein I get (unless takeout kabobs day). Just trying not to get any lower than the 105 lbs I’m stuck at per last few doc. visits. Sucks!
    Keep it up! 🙂

    • Thanks! It’s tough going and a lot of extra time and work, but my weight gain makes me hopeful that this new normal can be managed. Take out kabobs. Mmmmmm.

  3. Cora Rose

     /  July 2, 2013

    My entire diet revolves around blended veggie soups and hot cereals with some kind of purees added.

    I’ve tried blended chicken. It doesn’t work well for me. So, I just cut it into small pieces and the chicken get soaked into the soup and that works well enough for me. I also add tuna or egg to my soups, as my body has adapted to the “gross factor” very quickly.

    I wish you the best with your protein powders. I haven’t tried one yet, as this “Lab Rat” needs a break from further experimentation.

    • Cora Rose,
      Thanks for stopping by! I do the chopped up chicken bits too. I know what you mean about the lab rat. I had been thinking of egg, and then considering my own gross out factor and thought “oh, maybe not just yet”. Sounds like you’re dealing with poor gastric emptying too. Do you mind if I ask if you know the cause?


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