Blending in

Got a new blender, a Vitamix.  And just in time since on Thursday, the bad GP symptoms came raging back and have plagued me since then.  What prompted that?  I really don’t know.  Here’s a list of things that were different this week:

  • Massive migraine Monday.
  • Meds for massive migraine.
  • Disrupted routine:  Wednesday through Friday I had to attend a local conference.  Those were three days of not being able to eat more than a little thing of lactose free pudding during the day, not getting enough fluids, and having to take meds for the pain I incurred from hauling the departmental laptop around (oh and walking a mile for a lunch that never happened on Wednesday, a mile in the warm, humid sun – thank you coworkers who could not make up your damned minds and then after we’d gotten so far afield from the conference site, decided to just go to a packed Panera)  
  • Rice milk, which I drank on Wednesday after running out of Lactaid.  Haven’t had the rice milk in while since it’s nutritionally crap and I’m trying to make the most out of what I eat right now.
  • Getting really upset (Monday from day derailed by Migraine; Wednesday from…well, all of that.
  • All of the above.
  • None of the above.

Because it could be something else. I’m tracking this stuff, trying to figure it out.

In the meantime, I have an awesome blender, courtesy of my husband, who loves little more than researching and buying gadgets, kitchen included.  I think this thing could pulp mahogany.  This weekend, I finally made carrot soup that doesn’t have carrot chunks and threads in it, veggie chunks and threads = not good for the slow of stomach/ gut.  I made blended sweet potato (oh sweet potato, how I’ve missed you!)  And I made blended (lean) meats, looks gross, tastes yummy.

All things need to be well cooked prior to blending (meat obviously, but also the veg) since raw or undercooked veggies are not good with the slowness.  There’s a real danger than the vegetable fibers will stick around, accumulate, and form a plug of sorts.  Sounds awful, right?  So thank god for a blender that can turn the vegetables into a liquid so smooth it runs through my finest sieve!  Boy, what it does to a smoothie is amazing.  It’s a pricey blender.  but you know what else is pricey?  Missing work, ER trips, doctors’ visits….and then there’s the incalculable value of just not feeling like total hell.  So we found it at a (relatively) decent price and we sprung for it.  Given that I can’t eat much more than pudding consistency, I think it’s worth it.

Here’s hoping that keeping up the calories will help.  I know not having enough hurts.

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