keeping cool

It’s hot here in the suburbs of Big Old Historic Northeastern City.  Bug sightings are common now and I’m reacting to every stray hair or unexpected touch on my skin with alarm….it only takes seeing one of those nasty centipedes to put me into a heightened bug paranoid state….I’ve seen three in the last week and a half, including one doing the backstroke in the bathroom sink!  The cat has taken to spending her evenings in the kitchen, parking her furry butt in front of the kitchen sink (properly, in front of the cabinet below the sink). It gives her a view of the back door, bathroom, and light colored kitchen floor, where she can chase down and gobble up any of these little nasties that try to scramble across the floor.  I watched her track and nail a mosquito a few nights ago.  She got much praise.

The warm weather brings not just bugs but migraines and a return to the super low blood pressures.  Yesterday morning my BP was 80/56.  Evening wasn’t much better, managed to get it up to 85/59.  The brain does not work well with such low blood pressure, so yesterday was a series of backtracking to retrieve things, redoings, and all around thwartiness.

I bought some more popsicle molds.  I had another set that I got a few years ago but they got used for coffee (mmmmmm) popsicles and they aren’t going to be much use for anything but that now.  These are for fruity creamy popsicles.  Very excited.  Especially since it is impossible to cook in this heat, so it’ll be nice to have some snacks.  Speaking of smoothies, managed to grab a few pictures.

Both super delicious and nice warm weather food. I’m still considering trying the coconut milk ice cream again.  I have pause for two reasons.  One:  high fat content, and that’s not good for gastric emptying.  Two:  I did try coconut milk ice cream treats last summer, they were these chocolate and nut coated things.  I think I was allergic to something in them, so I didn’t eat any more after the first try.  I’m not sure if what I reacted to was in the ice cream or in the coating.  For now, I’m doing ok with my blended low fat lactaid milk and ice.

photo of glass with a shake.

Strawberry banana

photo of glass with shake and straw.

Ginger peach

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  1. I’m glad you’re still being creative! I wish I could drink your concoctions–stupid fructose problems. Coconut must be in the air–you’ll see.

    I freakin’ hate bugs (sounds like you live in a house of horrors), but the motel must have gone crazy with extermination since I was here last time. No roaches or silver fish–not sure how the latter show up in the desert. It was so bad here last time they (roaches) were in every cupboard. crawling across every surface, on the ceiling, in the light fixtures running in circles. and I’d see them crawl in from under the door. OMG! I’m so clean, but an infestation is just that. My condolences on the bugs! They love to surprise you.

    I also have NO idea how you can handle the humidity–am I the only EDSer that’s humidity intolerant? Lol. I live for the 115F+, dry summers in the desert! If only it could stay that way all year, hence my plans to move to the Sahara.

    Nice post… Keep up the recipes!

    • I don’t know about humidity specifically for me, I’m realizing that I’v never lived anywhere where I could really separate heat from humidity.

      This is our first spring/summer transition in this house. I think it’s bad in this duplex because they never had cats. It’s just woodsy out here so there’s a little extra mini-wildlife, and nothing in the house has been hunting these things.

      • Oh, you must try the dry, oven-like heat of the desert. So nice! I can feel the humidity the minute I’m forced to land in Seattle–my muscular pain goes down to the bone in 5 mins. Happened when I had a layover in JFK, which must be like your spot. Awful! Same for low pressure– double awful.

        Ms. Kitty was a good hunter when she was an indoor/outdoor cat back home, but she’s become lazy living in apts. and motels. Lol! She probably became friends w/the roaches. Oh, did she get some huge sewer rats from here back in Seattle. Eeewww.

        Hope the situation improves! Keep drinking! 🙂

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