Peach smoothie = super yummy.  I basically made a slightly less banana-y banana one and added two of those little cups of diced peaches you can buy at the store, plus a dash of ground ginger and a swirl of seedless strawberry puree.  I’d have taken a picture but it was too damned good to stop and snap a shot of.  Maybe the next time I make it, I’ll manage to take a picture before I chug it down.

The strawberry puree/sauce came out excellent.  I found that a fine wire mesh strainer was enough to take out the seeds, although I did buy some cheese cloth too in case the strainer didn’t catch them all.

Also on the menu this week is butternut squash soup (well strained of course).  Threw in some potatoes to give it a little body.  It’s not as good as the potato soup but then soup really does need to sit a day or so in the fridge to get to its best, I’ve found.

So yesterday I finally hit almost 1800 calories, for the first time in a few weeks.  I’m thrilled.  I know I’m still not getting a very nutritionally whole diet, but I think I’m doing a little better on the intake.  It’s a lot easier to do on the weekend.  I’ve been plotting out my food using an app for my iPhone and you can really see the weekends in terms of calories and weight.  I also bought a nice water pitcher that has a fruit infuser built in so I can make berry water at work. I do NOT drink enough hydrating liquids.  This I’ve known for a long time.  My husband says his brother’s the same way.  He once spoke to my husband about it, and it sounds exactly like me.  He says he just forgets to drink, then when he remembers that he hasn’t had anything to drink all day, he’s usually too busy to stop and go get something.

I would do juices and gatorade-type stuff except they absolutely kill my teeth.  Reflux has done a number on the enamel, which means they are porous and sensitive.  Even watered down, fruit juices mean I can barely stand to brush from the pain.  I drink them and ginger ale sparingly and with water or a ton of ice, and only through a straw.  Which leaves water.  But I do avoid it.  I don’t know why.  It’s largely psychological, habit, but also I do not experience thirst like other people I think.  People like my husband or sister, who both drink quite a bit of water, tell me that they get very thirsty if they go more than an hour or so without a drink.  Seriously?  I could go a day without anything to drink other than my morning coffee and if I didn’t remind myself to stop and get some damned fluids, I’d dehydrate myself right into a hypotensive episode.  WTF?  I can’t change whatever is causing that lack of thirst, but I can try to change the habit.  I decided that if I make water something that is more of a special drink, maybe I’d drink more because I do like my little rituals.  Hence the pitcher.

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  1. Oh, that smoothie sounds so good (you need to write a cookbook now) but nearly every fruit is out per my diet–fructose issue. Hate it!!! That’s so odd about the lack of thirst. Must be an ANS issue or ? I drink so much water (so thirsty) that I deplete my electrolytes, not that I get enough from my diet I suspect. I always have my water bottles–filled with tap water–right next to me and would die if I left w/o one. Weird? Must be nice not having to pee every 30 mins. Lol!

    Have you tried those green juices with all that good, green stuff in them like wheat grass? I have a feeling you wouldn’t like the taste (or maybe burn-y?), but I used to buy one that was that Odwalla brand back when I had a career and money. I found it refreshing! I also used to eat cucumber sorbet in Mexico, so probably not the best one to give advice as I like very weird things… Like okra! Wish I could eat that, as well. Boo hoo. Glad you’re getting in so many calories on the weekend! I never count anything, but presume I eat about 1,000 cal/day if that. Primarily rice–no wonder I look like crap! Hating my gut and allergies right now.

    Well, glad you’re finding a diet that’s sort of working for you. I know it’s hard and so much trial and error. Argh! Hang in there…

    • I think my last job definitely did a number on the drinking water for exactly the having to pee every 30 minutes. I had to get coverage to use the bathroom, and the person whose job it was to cover my was a massive….well, let’s just go with wanker…who made my life hell if I asked her to cover at all let alone 5 times before lunch.

      Mmmmm, grass! I feel like Ron Swanson. I used to go to this one hippie run coffee shop near Ann Arbor where the owner would sprinkle yeast on everything (including my bagel…grrrrr) and offer everyone wheat grass juice. I tried a tiny cupful once. Not my thing.

      That sucks that you can’t have fructose!

      • Hippie coffee shop! I’m from Seattle. Used to be hippie central. Oh, you have to be more adventurous! I was very finicky as a kid, but would eat lima beans and brussel sprouts (both out). I never liked normal food (like chicken). My fav. food ever is kimchi (also out). Got that from my grandfather, who was forced to eat it outside due to the smell. I was a vegetarian most of my life so I was very strange, like I never had a BigMac before. Weird kid.

        The fructose was my big undoing, so glad I found that diet that omits that and 100 other things. Changed my whole life. I tested the waters and ate 1/2 a papaya and it was very bad. I can have a few fruits that have an equal balance of fructose/glucose, but most are citrus and I do get acid issues if I don’t watch it. I think I lived on fruit my whole life–so depressing! The ‘ol fruit bowl on the counter. What I would do for a mango con chile. Boo hoo. 🙂

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