Toeing the line

Last night, my toe decided to just pop out of joint.  My poor husband, who’s been through quite a bit this past week including an exhaustive post-ER follow up visit yesterday with the GI doc, was unceremoniously awakened to the sound of me in pain.  It goes something like “fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck….” through gritted teeth.  “It’s my toe.  It’s just my toe, I tried to get back in bed and it popped out.”  I wanted him to know it wasn’t something critical so he wouldn’t be too alarmed.  The reason I was up was that the reflux was beyond horrible, so I had to get another pillow, then back up onto the bed and YOINK! out went the second toe on my right foot.  I got it back in, waited a bit, hesitantly tucked myself under the covers, and then ZOINK out it went again, this time with prejudice.  That’s when the profanities started.  Then it began waving itself around like it was on a float at a parade.  Damned freakish long toe.  It’s amazing how high up it hurts when it does this.  So unpleasant.  I could understand if I had done something odd with it, like sit with it bent up under me (a typical posture) or try to pick something up off the floor – I have crazy monkey feet and those bendy joints, so I can pick things up with my feet and put them on counters, tables, etc. I don’t pick things up with my feet anymore though, my mantra has become “just because you CAN do that doesn’t mean you SHOULD do that”.  I believe all of us hypermobile types should get this inked onto our limbs.  But I did nothing strange.  All  I did was use it like a plain old toe.

Again, I say, so unpleasant.

Got a free late night leg and foot massage out of it, but as nice as that was, I’d have taken a night without that pain on top of everything else and without waking up my husband over that.

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  1. That’s awful! Owww! I just get subluxations (never had toe involvement) and those feel weird and I can pop the small joints back in–my fingers are messed up from typing, but a dislocation must hurt like hell x 2 (or was it 3?). It’s like never getting a break–just after you maybe got a hair better (not sure) with your gut aside from the GERD, now the toes go. So typical of EDS, no matter which type I find.

    I sure like your husband from everything you’ve ever written–glad you found him. Must say a guy that is interested in people like us is a rarity. Doing this alone truly sucks, but glad you got lucky! 🙂 Hope the toes start behaving…

    • It’s getting harder to keep these little bastards in place. I already wear a silicone toe split on one of them since it’s trying to crawl under the toe next to it. Helps. They’ve always subluxed. This was a bit more than that – it just wouldn’t go back in and stay in. The gut. No, it’s still pretty bad. Not as bad as ER day, but as bad as it was for all of March and the first half of April. Got a few weeks break, and now it’s back. I’m taking Zofran around the clock, Erythromycin does not seem to be doing the trick (unless the trick is a recurrence of the oral thrush). And it’s busy time at work. Lucky me.

      My husband – yes, I am definitely aware of how lucky I am to have him in my life. He’s amazing.

  2. Sorry the gut’s the same. I feel so bad as I never barf anymore (aside from after surgery) and it’s the worst thing ever!!! I read this is pretty common, but wonder if it’s more a Type III thing? I’m so confused as everyone has your type (and has POTS and the rest)! We’re 1/50,000. I wonder if my type causes the body degeneration more (like the tendonosis and pelvic floor issues) and horrid pain in huge parts of my body–it was in 75% before 1 med shrunk it to maybe 35%. Well, who to ask? I could work (well, before Low Vision Land) if the effin pain would go down to a 3 or just be in a teeny spot and not in my whole upper body (minus arms and lower back).

    Glad you have those splints. I do stuff in PT for my fingers and so far so good, but I wouldn’t dislocate with my type, although one finger (middle joint) is permanently screwed up. Not sure what’s wrong, it just hurts all the time (not a huge issue) and I always try to move it around and no luck. Well, without PT, what the hell am I going to do about any of this. Argh! Not getting an X-ray again! Do you know that machine broke a couple days later and they never could really see my T-spine (machine must have already been going then). Stupid ghetto! I blame Barbie Big Boobs for breaking it. She probably screwed the tech in there and they hit the machine. Hahaha 🙂 Hang in there….

  3. anaphylaxing

     /  May 11, 2013


    I do the same leg curled under to the point I often lose circulation and feeling in one leg. Really should stop. ….I wonder if my body likes it because I get more blood volume from one leg going ischemic :S

    We are a weird bunch

  4. Ouch. Mine is always my damn thumbs. To much cutting hair I guess. They slide out just picking drinks up. Or pencils. Stupid thumbs. So I can relate. Sorry your night was interrupted.


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