Miralax, how I love you

A week straight of anti-nausea meds, two days of limited fluids due to test preps, and my incredibly touchy gut = bad.  While it happens infrequently, when I do get backed up, it is a nightmare.  My gut continues to fire, it’s discoordinated muscle contractions continue to happen.  Just now, they are more like a child having a tantrum.  Just screaming its head off and stomping its feet and nothing much coming of it.  Maybe a broken lamp.

I’m the lamp in that analogy.  Totally screwed up my weekend.

So yesterday, after suffering through a day of tantrums and then waking up to more of the same plus vomiting, I called my new GI doc.  I do not love her.  But she did call back quickly.  And when I explained what was up and that I needed some guidance on what to take and how to take it (outside of the few bowel preps I’ve done, I have very little call for taking things that accelerate my intestinal transit), she was very good and worked with me not only to recommend OTC meds, but to explain what each was, how it worked, how much to take, and how to time things.  And ended with a “please call me if you have any trouble.”

You know, this can be taught in med school.  I don’t think this woman is particularly fantastic.  I think she has some tools that allow her to handle a Sunday afternoon page for something that might be seen as silly with some grace and apparent consideration.

So, Miralax and a box of Dulcolax suppositories.  I took the Miralax as she recommended, one dose, waited an hour, not much happening so took a second and that started things going.  Slowly but surely.  Thankfully, I have not had to use the Dulcolax.  Thankful because I am reluctant to take a stimulant laxative.  It’s not that my gut lacks contractions.  I have a very strong sense that they happen, but they are timed wrong.  In my former life as a researcher, I worked with a group that did coordination research.  They were a multidisciplinary group that combined research in cognition and kinesiology to look at human perception and action.  An interesting subject.  I recall sitting through quite a few lectures on inter and intra-person coordination of action.  I know some basic concepts of phase relations in this setting.  One of the big problems with my gut is that there is a phase problem.  Think of it like a drunk trying to milk a cow.  That’s the basic idea.  Usually, the cow’s ready to go and just suffers through the drunk’s manhandling.  But right now, the cow’s not doing so good and I think to add a stimulant on top of that would be like giving said drunk a whole lot of 5 hour energy drink and then letting him at said cow.  A complete disaster.

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  1. ugh

  2. So what happened??? Next post? Was it a MIRAcle? Oh, the joys of motility issues. I never swing that direction unless forced to take narcotics–which I’ve refused for 12 yrs., but I wonder which really is worse sometimes?

    Btw, I had some crappy GI doc yrs ago (love that adjective) who gave me Miralax when you needed an Rx (why would that help me?) and that was no fun, but I wasn’t in your predicament. OMG, your gut is beyond crazy right now! I keep reading more about this with EDS, but I never have the nausea (just from muscle pain) and my GI tract does well now on my diet. Maybe more severe and less controllable with Type III? So sorry you’re stuck with this never-ending junk! 😦

  3. Wow honey. I am sorry. This sounds horrible. I hope this ends. And fast. No fun. No fun, at all.


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