something funny

That’s what I needed this morning.  I thought I’d turned a corner on the nausea since it hadn’t been too bad for a day or two.  Yes, more evidence that I am – despite outward appearances – actually an optimist.  But last night, it was back in a big bad way – it woke me up twice – and I woke up again this morning to it.  Guess the zofran wore off.  So more zofran this AM and some Onion.

photo of red onion

No, not that kind.

This kind:  Procrastinating Surgeon Putting Off Coronary Bypass By Cleaning Entire Hospital

(Photo credit: Killiondude, September 29, 2009, Whole onion.jpg, via wikimedia commons Creative Commons)

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  1. Hahaha. That’s what I would have to do before “getting to work”–especially lining things up. Aaaahhh, such a stress reliever for an OCDer. Those Onion writers! My step-father and cohorts used to tell long jokes while performing surgery. If he had a new joke, you knew he was in the OR that day. Good surgeon, but still… Yikes!

    Glad you found a laugh (so necessary) and sorry the stomach pain is back–weird it went away for a bit.



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