over billing and underpaying

Last week’s mail brought some unpleasant surprises.

Surprise 1:  A bill from BATH for PT/OT.  Which I paid, in person, during therapy.  Which they already tried to double bill me on once and which I already took the time to call them about.  No date of service on this one so I’ll get to start off with wrangling that info out of the complete, blithering morons who work in their billing office.  This is the 3rd time this particular BATH has tried to double bill me.  Both previous times were their error and I am 100% sure this one is too.

Surprise 2:  New dentist sent me a bill.  For what?  A filling it seems.  I compared the pay out from my insurance and what my payment was to be.  Paid that.  Yep.  And still this mystery bill.  So I get to call them and ask wtf?

Surprise 3:  My husband was sent a request for justification from an outside review agency about “medical treatment” I received in October.  Labs, to be precise.  In addition to alerting me that my insurance company would like to find a way to squirm out of paying for these labs (and, I later learned, for the PT I got in December/January), the letter was all shitty and started with “this is your SECOND notice”.  I called and lit into them, starting with “what is this, 1950?  If you have a question about MY healthcare and MY health, you ask ME.  You address your correspondence to ME.  Not my husband.  I am not a minor.  I am not mentally incapacitated.”  That settled, I know get to call my health insurance company today to ask wtf too.  Fan-frikking-tastic!  One of the things I am interested in knowing is whether they would prefer a person with EDS and chronic pain simply be treated with addictive narcotics for pain rather than attempt to seek healthier alternatives to pain management.  Because that is why I went to PT.  If they deny this claim, I am going to raise 9 kinds of hell.  My state legislature has recently made significant attempts to limit access to narcotic pain medication in a well intended but, I think, ultimately misguided attempt to reduce abuse of prescription drugs. I am pretty certain they would be interested in hearing about how my insurance company is effectively pushing that option like a corner crack dealer.


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  1. What happened… This didn’t come to my inbox? I was thinking you were in an igloo again so decided to check on you and found your post in my reader (easiest place to get to you). Wtf?

    Oh, how irritating on all the above! I ran out of minutes on my cell x 4 dealing with the biyatches in billing and insurance. What about prior-auths.? Ahhh! Watch those dentists–mine is a total scam artist and I know it! He charges you a “guestimate” and then sends a bill for more money that doesn’t match the EOB and I get so sick of fighting I give up. I keep going b/c I hardly see him and the hygienist is oh-so-gentle with my TMJ and jaw that doesn’t open… Ha ha.

    The 1950s people… OMG! Did they call you Mrs. “husband’s 1st and last name?” That is the weirdest! Of course they want you to take cheap opiates, silly goose! Forget that pricey PT business that will keep you semi-functional. It’s all malarkey. Add all this to the list of why we need to completely overhaul the healthcare system. Take it to the dumpster and start over!!!

    Had a terrible day so had to have a little fun here (I do feel for you–story of my life in this post).

    • I had a bad dentist’s office, scammy is right. The new one isn’t like that, not so far. Actually their estimate was spot on but we didn’t get to the procedures until the new year, so a new deductible. Not too much, and they were helpful and took the time to go through the bill and the estimate with me. But the insurance company, holy crap. The person I got when I called was baaaaaaaaad. I was calm, I’m very proud of myself for how calm I was. Then, after she had given me the obstructionist answer, with increasing attitude, to my questions, I very calmly said “ok, well, that’s that. Could you tell me if there is a supervisor I can speak with now?” The supervisor was a hell of a lot more helpful.

      I’m sorry you had a terrible day. DDD? (see loose ends reply)

      • Reading these in the wrong order! Yes, DDD today. I like what you did w/getting the supervisor. I’ve had to “bulldoze” through those systems and get to “anyone” sometimes. Once in a while, I get a great rep. on the phone and it makes my day (mentioned it in an old, rambling post). You just have to do what it takes, but it’s not fair when you feel like crap! The medical assistants at the doctor’s office can be a big problem here, which is why I’ve fired and hired new docs w/competent staff. I really am trying to find a new dentist like you, but who to trust? Round and round we go…

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