what’s not fun

…Is a nasopharyngeal swab.  Nope, not one bit of fun.  Warning:  a bit of “ick factor” in this post.  

A wire with a blob of cotton on the end.  Up my nose.  All the way to the pharynx.

My doc says “oooh, bloody snot?  I love that stuff!”  I did mention he’s an infectious disease doc, right?  So out comes the swab and up the nose it goes.  Yowch.  But it’s done and off, so I’ll know what’s going on up there, which is good.

Why does no one want to buy that I’m basically riddled with candida?  I know that the whole “systemic candida” is apparently a trendy catch all for the lovers of colon cleansing and whatnot, but honest to god, I get real live overt candida overgrowths at the drop of a hat.  Dry mouth?  Thrush.  Antibiotics?  Thrush.  Oral allergic reaction to something I shouldn’t have eaten?  Thrush.  Flu that knocks my immune system on its ass?  Thrush.  Given that all this thrush started as a result (I think) of a well intended but silly doc prescribing steroidal nasal spray, I see no reason why candida overgrowth in my nose would be such a stretch.

But that’s what cultures are for I guess.

The problem with culturing for candida is that candida is just there, even in non-symptomatic people.  Even in the “healthy” folks.  It’s bad when it is there in abundance, bad when it becomes invasive, bad when it gets into places it shouldn’t be.  And for the record, your mouth is a place where it lives and should be, just not in abundance.

So how do you know, if a culture grows out candida, that it means the sick person is sick from an candida overgrowth?  From what I’ve been told, you don’t.  I think a better option would be in office slide under a microscope.  See a lot of candida?  Then you have an overgrowth situation.  Not responding to fluconazole or topical agents?  Send it out,  but send it for a culture and sensitivity please.

Eh.  When I rule the world, things’ll get done right, dammit.

Until then, I have a script for more fluconazole and a script for an antibiotic that is supposed to be kinder on the gut.  I’ll start it when I have a chance to pick up some probiotics, because god knows I don’t need to go taxing the gut right now on top of everything else.

Kitty’s doing better.  Still a little drunk.  She let me pick her up and lay down with her in my arms for several minutes.  This does not happen under normal conditions.  Normally, I (and only I, not my husband) am allowed to pick her up and hold her for as long as it takes to walk to a bed or couch, then she scrambles away from me like she just remembered that I’ve got cooties.  Today, she stayed nestled in my arms as I lay on the bed.  She purred up a storm and kneaded my shoulder (thankfully I am wearing a sweater).  A nice treat after a tough day and a tough week.

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  1. Yikes about the swab! I had a nasal turbinate reduction (didn’t work) and similar in the ick factor. Curious if you started getting thrush more after you were treated for Lyme? I haven’t gotten that far back in your posts! I was on doxy for weeks for a sinus infection yrs ago (really just new allergies) and that set off the return of the GI issues after a long hiatus and lots of candida. My diet is all that works to control it (and the Jarrow’s). I will never take any antibiotic in that family again! Nasty stuff…

    Funny about kitty. I gave a benzo (from the vet) to my “talkative” cat when we left Seattle (via airplane) in ’03 since she was going under my seat and I was worried she would meow and bother people. It took a while to take effect, but then she walked into the closet, stared at the wall for a while, and just tipped over onto the floor. I thought she had overdosed! OMG!

    I wish they had that effect on me! Feel better…

  2. You know, I’ll bet the year of antibiotics didn’t help. I didn’t take as much antibiotics as some folks do, but I was on doxy for two or three months when I was first diagnosed, then had a sinus infection (which I am now wondering about…hm….) in the Fall that was treated with somethingcillin, then minocycline for a month in the spring, then 21 days of IV ceftriaxone. That was 2002 – 2003, and the thrush stuff didn’t start until later….a few years later if I recall correctly.

    I’m glad my cat didn’t have one of those “paradoxical reactions”. I read a story by a woman called “my cat tried to kill me” that was about giving her kitty xanax http://www.catster.com/lifestyle/cats-and-xanax-confession Well written, funny, but also scary.

  3. Lol… She locked herself in the bathroom!! It’s like that show about the cats from hell on some channel I no longer have. My cat is really good with people–not other cats, but she hates her carrier and tells me all about it. Should have known she’d be fine. The weird thing is that after she fell over, it was like the drug just wore off. She’s really tiny so they may have given her too little of the it–all the better as she was fine on the plane as the noise freaked her out. Funny… “Drunk” cats.

    Still wondering about long term side-effects from all the “somethingcillins.” I was a mess in Mexico from being on them for months due to all the tropical diseases, but I definitely got new Gi stuff (and loads of candida per the tests) at the same time, not yrs later. That was also when all my lower-GI issues 1st started (’96), so it continues to linger or ? I only had a spastic pyloric valve before that, which was bad enough. Well, your doc would know best on any connection w/thrush and how the heck did you get him for a PCP? That’s great! I would like to know why I can only eat 10 foods, but will just keep waiting on that one. 🙂


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