dazed and confused….cat

Today, I’m out again.  I have a doctor’s appointment with my PCP because I still feel pretty cruddy, the thrush is hanging on, and I think it’s in my nose.  Ewww.  And also eek, because from nose to sinuses is a short trip.

Photo of cat.

If only she were this calm right now…

And the cat.  On Tuesday evening, my husband and I were greeted (eventually) by our cat who was acting a bit lethargic and who had a squinty and goopy left eye.  So it’s off to the vet for her today, the first appointment we could get to.  The last time the cat was at the vet, they wrote her a script for xanax.  This is because she’s a handful at the vet.  While I do understand the need to claw and hiss at the doctor (I’ve seen a few myself who have provoked a similar urge), I’ve never had a cat who was this freaked out at the vet.

We got her script filled last night and this AM, when I finally dragged myself out of bed, we drugged her.  Now, she’s stumbling around the house like a drunk, eating everything in site, pigging out on catnip, and just generally trying to get into trouble.

Oy.  Just had to go rescue her from the kitchen counter.  She never jumps on the kitchen counter, but I guess that’s what you do when you’re drugged up and you have the munchies.

To occupy her, I have created the “easter egg hunt” for dry cat food.  A handful of crunchies tossed into a blanket on the floor.  Oh boy!  She’s busily foraging in the blanket now.  Thank god.  Note to readers with cats.  This is a great tool to keep your drugged kitty away from things like the stairs, coffee table, kitchen counter, and bathroom sink.  And since she’s so food obsessed, a trail of food into the carrier (which she usually flees from at the first sound of the door creaking open) worked like it does in the cartoons.  She went “gobble gobble gobble” all the way into the carrier all on her own drunken little kitty legs.  So hey, there’s an upside.

Downside, I feel too crappy to take her.  Husband’s doing it on his own.  “You don’t look like you feel good,” he says as I am sitting on the Easter egg blankie on the floor with my head resting on the couch.  “I think you should rest here and I’ll take the cat to the vet”.  God damn that man deserves not just a medal but a statue, and maybe a park.

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  1. Anaphylaxing

     /  March 1, 2013

    I am in love with your cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s funny, I remember reading on your blog about you vicariously enjoying neighbors’ cats. She’s a handful but is slowly becoming more pet than beast who lives in my house. Came to us in a christmas snowstorm only a month or so after my cat of 15 years had died (who, coincidentally, I also got as a result of a snowstorm in MI).


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