Since 2008, I have struggled with a chronic form of candida in my mouth (and I think my nose).  What started this?  I suspect those steroidal nose sprays that some well intended allergist put me on.  I never could tolerate them, burned like hell when I used them.  I didn’t use it for very long, but apparently long enough.

One of the more frustrating things about this is that a lot of doctors insist that “immunocompetent” people like me don’t get thrush (acute) let alone chronically.  Interestingly, my brother, who is HIV positive, also gets this.  And he is also told by his doctors that he can’t possibly have thrush since his T cells just aren’t low enough.

I’ve worried about what would happen if my immune system were to take a hit.  What would this nasty bugger that flares up on its own from time to time do if for some reason my immune system weren’t up to the task of keeping it in any sort of check?  Last week, I found out.  The flu.  Nasty little secret about the flu.  It’s not just “a really bad cold”.  It’s an immune system marathon.  It leaves some first line parts of your immune system struggling and depleted.  And so there I am, all immunocompromised and with a mouth full of thrush just waiting for an opportunity to break out, which it did.

I feel like pounded crap.  I’m on 200 MG of fluconazole a day plus clotrimazole troches.  The white patches have receded but my mouth is still sore and red.  My nose is a nightmare.  And I feel sick.  Just rotten run down dizzy thick headedly sick.

But it’s back to work today.  Because I haven’t been there long enough to be eligible for FMLA.  If I’m still feeling horrible as the day goes on, I’m calling my doc back to let him know.  This is a little unnerving.

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  1. My daughter had thrush as a baby – all the while I was breastfeeding – for one full year!!!! It was essentially dangling from her lips it was so thick. So of course, they treated her and treated her but forgot about me. In the end, I was so “f…k” sore, I could barely touch my breasts – until this smart woman of a doctor specialized in breastfeeding (not many of those) told me my breast tissue was probably infected. Finally. I was treated and POOF! It was gone!! Can’t believe I put up with it for so long.

    • Well, you know, you’re immunocompetent so you CAN’T get thrush! Tell this to my husband, who now gets it because I do. Thank god for that smart doc.

  2. Oh yuck…..sounds terrible! I have had my fair share of problems with yeast and it ain’t pretty. I hope you will feel a bit better as the week goes on.

    • NO, it sure isn’t. And so painful. Gah. I remember when it used to take a script and an act of god to get what is now OTC for vaginal candida.

  3. Ugh, I feel for you. I had to look into this, which I know you’ve done (but you know me), and saw Candida can cause fungal sinus infections, too… Owww! The normal ones are awful enough.

    What to do? I’m scared, too! I’m hanging onto “stable Candida levels” by my fingernails. I am a huge fan of tea tree oil (TTO) for my feet that are prone to a lovely fungal issue due to living in a jungle in the ’90s. I swear it’s a miracle cure for my “athletic” feet, which OTC meds do nothing for. Keeps it at bay if I use it frequently. Boy, do I put TMI on here!

    OK, have you tried this? I just checked and you can make a TTO mouthwash or Desert Essence sells one (brand I get on the cheap at Trader Joe’s). I’m also a big fan of cleaning out the sinuses due to chronic rhinitis (TMI, sorry) and you can add a tad of TTO to a sinus rinse. Wonder if it would be worth trying any of the above in attempts to prevent this crap if not already done? Have to paste this from some thread I found… Please say she’s just using the neti pot in her nose?! 😉

    “Thanks, yeah, I alternate tea tree oil, GSE and oil of oregano in my neti pot, just like one does with intestinal candida.”

    • Yeah, my money’s on a sinus infection. They definitely make you feel horrible. The strange thing is that my temperature has been, rather than the slightly high I usually get with a raging thrush infection, a bit low. Which was the old normal for me, but which is now very strange. I do use tea tree oil, for sure. And although I never lived in a jungle (you did? really? wow!) I have been host to some truly horrible foot stuff in my 20s that was, wow, just terrible. So my home is chock full of antifungals. I think I even have the same brand tea tree oil! LOL. I use it (diluted) on my skin…can’t imagine putting it in my nose.

      Can’t manage a neti pot, someday I’ll overcome the waterboarding feeling. But I do saline spray irrigation. It helps some. Much better than that horrible steroid spray.

      When this acute nasty is gone, I am going to make it an issue with my pcp. He’s an infectious disease doc, I figure if anyone can help me get this under control, it’s him.

  4. LOL! Have to respond since I stay up all night. You’re so freakin’ funny! I use a pressure washer up my nose… Forget a neti pot! I still have to use the Rx nasal spray, but whatever helps. It’s the best part of my day (x 10). I’ll add some TTO to my “sinus pressure bottle thing” before bed and let you know what happens.
    What is really going on, though? Some yeasty/fungal epidemic? You didn’t all have your innards and feet destroyed by a Mexican jungle. I live in the desert; we shouldn’t even have mildew here. Hmmm….

    • I’ve been wondering if there is a strain that has gone wild. So far, I’m not seeing much about it in the research literature but I’m guessing in about 5 years we’ll see articles and even news stories on mycotic infections being on the rise. It seems likely that there would be….even just as a side effect of the overuse of antibiotics. But I know a couple of people who have been struggling with chronic thrush infections. Me, my brother, my husband, a good friend from grad school, a former neighbor (he was a hoot, used to come tell me about all his health problems). I have a small circle and for that many people in it to have this tells me that something’s up.

  5. Very interesting about the circle. Only thrush person I know is my grandmother (age 94). Do post any info that you come across as you have an audience here! I still would like to know why the docs in the US dismiss most of the candida issues. It seems if it’s a “manly fungus” with appropriate “manly name” then they’re all ears.

    Btw, I cleaned out the sinuses last night with 1 drop of tea tree oil in the mix and am good to go. I don’t have candida up north, but the smell in my nose was rather refreshing and lasted for hours. Might do it again for the hell of it. Let me state this is the only body part I “clean out.” If you need a “guinea pig,” you know where to find me. 😉


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