Am I flu

Yup.  Since Sunday.  I have the flu.  Because someone came to my husband’s work sick with “a cold”.  He works with doctors, not all of them are MDs but a very large number of them are.  They should know the difference between a god damned cold and the god damned flu.  But no.  Also, I know that there are a lot of people who cannot take time off, e.g., they are stuck in jobs with no paid time and low wages.  That is NOT the case with the people my husband works with.  In fact, since most of them are associated with hospitals, they cannot do that side of work if they are showing flu-like symptoms.  In the past, docs and RNs with flu symptoms could come in and show off.  We’re still dealing with a city-wide “flu emergency” up here in Big Northeastern City.  Hospital ERs have been running over capacity for a while now.   So my guess is that one of these little stinkers was sick and decided that they could come to research work if not to clinical work because at research  work, they wouldn’t be run out of the building on a rail by someone from occupational health.  And so they did, and now we’re all sick.  Thanks a-hole!

Got a flu shot.  Didn’t work.  This is not surprising.  They are not 100%.  And my immune system also leaves something to be desired.  And I was sick with my own chronic sick crap the week before.  So I was not in good shape going into exposure to the bug.  Husband came down with it, when we still thought it was a cold, Friday night. Then we had blizzard, made soup, and I took care of him.  By Sunday, I was definitely sick.  By Monday, I was runing a fever and bed-ridden.  I finally got out yesterday and I still have a mightily sore throat, a cough that won’t quit, and a massive case of the dizzies.  But I don’t feel like dying so yay.  Thank god for chicken soup.  And for my husband, who was amazing throughout.

I have a rash on my soft palate and my tongue is swollen and sore, so I have an appointment with my primary care this afternoon.  “Is that normal after the flu?” I asked his nurses’ voicemail.  The one I like called back.  “No, never heard of that.  So, would you like to grace us with your presence tomorrow around 4:00?  and when I say ‘4:00’, you know I mean more like 5:00 and that you should call before you leave…”

I’ve missed a week of work, and I’m still technically too new to have access to FMLA protection so I have to hope that HR and Payroll don’t get on my case about this when I submit my February time.  This was no small source of consternation for me while I was dug in this week.  A week’s sick time, whooosh…gone.  Not like I’ll need it for anything, right?

And all because someone had to show off that s/he could solider on to work while sick.


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  1. When I saw the word FLU, I thought “Oh no…” because when my daughter catches anything it’s twice as difficult. Hope you get better soon and by the way, I’m really curious about that odd rash. Would you care to share once you find out? So it’s obviously some kind of immune reaction but to what or why?

    • It’s thrush. By yesterday evening I even had some white crests on it, making the diagnosis that much easier. I have it chronic. This was a doozy. Oh but you’re not supposed to get chronic thrush! Right. Interestingly, my little brother, who has HIV, is also told that he can’t possibly have thrush since his T cell count is just not low enough. My god, you’d think clotrimazole troches were like some kind of mind altering brain candy-like drug they way these docs act about it. And there’s a really really simple answer to the “is it thrush?” debate. For docs to get a g.d. microscope and look at what they swab out. Tada. Done. In all the years that this has plagued me, I’ve only ever had one doctor do that.

  2. I’m so sorry you got the flu… I call it “sick on sick,” as most people were GREAT before the flu and will be GREAT after. I am so scared of contagions that I think I have mild OCD now in attempts to avoid catching something. I’d really like to live in a bubble.

    Glad you’re on the mend, but hope your throat is OK?! I tend to get secondary infections since my health went to crap. I’ve been wondering about you and was worried you were living in an igloo sans internet in Big Northeastern City. Feel better and stick with the chicken soup!

    • LOL, me too! And I do keep my environment very clean. When I supervised the student workers at my last job, they were told if they weren’t doing anything, then it clearly was time to wipe down the tables, desks, and computer peripherals with bleach wipes. This one came in through hubby’s workmates though. Frikkin doctors.

  3. Sheep – times like that, I tend to think of Tommy Boy…. “did you eat a lot of paint chips as a kid?”

  4. Tommy Boy… Best ever! Curious about the thrush. Not sure if you want to share, but I’ve had terrible issues with yeast in various areas (never had thrush, though). All showed up in tests, including my intestinal tract, which had 3 strains. I believe the diet I follow cleared that up. It’s a chronic battle and the infections can be stubborn. I have a monthly Rx for Diflucan at the pharmacy, but it took being pushy to get a doc to write that. Interesting about little brother (sorry about the Dx)–my grandmother is very yeasty (mainly thrush) and I think there may be a genetic aspect. Frustrating!

    Btw, my new doc, who seems to know his stuff (!!), said there’s a lot of overlap w/connective tissue and auto-immune (and I presume immune in general). Hmmm…

    • There is a genetic aspect to some chronic candida infections actually. I looked it up, it looks like there are two or three mutations that’ll get you there. I had bad “other” candida too. If I get an antibiotic, it has to come with diflucan. So, a month? As in a month long script for it? I asked for and got two weeks of it, I think I could ask for more if need be. Glad your new doc seems to be knowledgeable. I can totally believe it.

      • Hmmm… Thanks for the research–I knew it! I have a “standing Rx” at the pharmacy, as in my doc writes an Rx with 11 refills for the year for 1 dose of Diflucan/mo. Usually 1 dose works now w/my diet. Antibiotics ARE the worst, but I do OK w/cipro and ask for that if need be. Sorry for the confusion! I did get a 2 wk supply once, but most docs don’t like that idea. This is not taken seriously in the US, at all!! When I lived in Mexico–and had every intestinal disease known to man–they always checked for yeast/Candida. I still have the lab records to prove it and boy was I full of it! The common word for this problem in Mexican Spanish is hongos (mushrooms). Lovely…

  5. A: You’re so right., In the US, it’s another one of those “you’re crazy if you think you have it” conditions. So frustrating. I am so glad the one dose works for you!

  6. I hate those people that give you stuff from work. Unless it’s pens.

    • LOL! Pens! When I worked as a medical secretary, especially weekend evenings, I used to horde pens. Docs always walked off with them. So yes, pens from work is OK!


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