Hair today

My hair is finally staying on my head.  Well, more is staying.  For about a year now, it’s been falling out.  It isn’t breakage, I can see a little bulb at the bottom of the stray hairs I find.  And, thankfully, I am still growing new hair.  The crown of my head is wreathed with wee new hairs, the kind that are so short they stand up nice and straight.  I can tell it’s thinning though.  Can’t keep up with the shedding.  My hairdresser and husband assure me that I am growing new hairs (and as I said, I can see them sticking up there, fly away doesn’t begin to describe this), but I know how my hair feels on my head.  I know how it should feel to run my hand through it, or to brush it.  It is lessened.  And every shower has been a small funeral for my hair, piles of it swirling around the drain filter, waving in the water like a particularly leggy sea creature.

For the last few weeks though, there’s been less loss.  And I think the crown of new hairs are starting to calm down a bit.  Maybe lasting longer, reaching a level of maturity that previously had been denied to them?  But what was cutting them down so early?  My money’s on malnutrition.   Sometime this year, I think in early summer, I discovered that my non-dairy creamer was triggering a lot of bad GI stuff.  I cut it out, replaced it with rice milk (which I settled on after trying several replacements), and the weight started coming back on.  My gut calmed down an order of magnitude.  Well, how about that.  Then I started a low nickel diet.  Again, more help.  Less gut pain, less flushing, food staying in longer, fewer mouth sores….Then I had a serious back-slide around christmas.  It didn’t take long to narrow down the possible culprits and remove them from my diet (I’m going with the whole grain english muffins, although the cider I was drinking around that time might have contributed.  I still haven’t gotten the nerve up to try reintroducing it to my diet).  With a much calmer baseline gut, I was able to recognize when another particular food set it off.  Peppers.  Damn.  Ok, no more peppers.

Around the time of the peppers, I also made a concerted effort to find and stick with a vitamin.  The tendency of nutritional supplements to contain a cornucopia of bizarre elements stymied me a bit at first (who the fuck puts nickel in a vitamin?!?) but now I’m on a generic little multivitamin and have been for a few weeks.  And my hair is staying on my head.


I am proud of myself for having worked out a lot of the food triggers for my GI symptoms.  It was NOT easy.  And I don’t feel like I had a hell of a lot of help from the docs who should have been helpful in this particular domain, i.e. the GI docs.


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  1. Wow you and I seem to be on a similar path re: food. I am amazed at how sensitive I am. It’s annoying. I keep having to cut entire food groups out of my diet. Pretty soon I’ll be down to carrots and nothing else. I also love peppers. Oddly sometimes I can eat them and sometimes not. It’s like my body is cycling through phases where it’s more and less sensitive. Anyway, you have my sympathies. Food sensitivities are tough and it’s no fun not being able to eat. As usual medicine is no help.

    • I know. I am down to root vegetables, eggs, meat, some bread products, and rice. Not a horrible set of things but not exactly a large variety to choose from.

  2. I’m glad you’re making some headway, too. Have you looked into Biotin? It’s a B vitamin that I’ve taken for years due to horribly thin/weak nails. I have no faith in supplements (aside from D3), but my nails are really strong and it is supposed to help w/hair, too. Might be a power-boost for your multi. I never needed it for that and it’s not helping out with the issue now, so not sure.

    Also, if you have the little hairs poking out, that’s a REALLY good sign since you are still making hair. I don’t have that this time–or can’t see them due to my vision, which is freaking me out more, but I guess steroids can screw your hair up for a while. Oh, hate the “leggy sea creatures” in the shower. OMG! My hair is dark brown and it’s more like a shower full of tarantulas, which supposedly live out here in the Wild West. Then they get stuck on your body… Ahhh!

    • Yep, I have brown hair too. It’s sort of chestnuty colored, dark enough to show up against light things, like sinks and tubs. If I lived in the southwest, I think the stray hair on my body thing would drive me crazy! Spiders! Eeek! As it is now, it’s a minor annoyance…although more than once in my life I’ve THOUGHT that sensation was a hair only to discover it was a bug of some sort.

      • LOL! More roaches here than anything else, although I saw a scorpion in a garage once. Seattle is Spider City so glad to be gone (huge ones hiding in towels, the bed, sofa cushions, etc.). I don’t notice hair ON me (probably b/c it’s always up) but the shower is a scene out of Psycho. I’m also a rather hairy girl in general–that damn ethnicity again–and want to know why I only lose hair on my head! The hairy arms, for example, can go away as I’m tired of “epliating” them (a little hard w/my vision). Have you wondered this? No need to answer, just something to ponder when you’re bored. I ponder this as I’m shaving my bristly legs that are covered with the hair balls from my head.

  3. anaphylaxing

     /  January 27, 2013

    What kind of peppers? I was thinking of green ones being my next veggie add if my life ever stabilizes enough to add a food lol

    so glad about your hair

    • Ana, green or red. I grew up calling them “bell peppers” but I think they’re also called “sweet peppers”.

      • Sweet or hot they all can be a problem. Strangely, spices like paprika are okay which is weird. Something about the processing must inactivate whatever it is that causes irritation.

  4. anaphylaxing

     /  January 30, 2013

    Paprika is one of my worst triggers…just inhaling from other people eating it…haven’t dared going there myself. Second to curry powder. Might try green peppers one of these days Eeeeeek. I just used to tolerate them so well. Ate them instead of apples when I was little because apples made my gums itch. Ohh the things I thought were normal LOL


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