hip, hip…

…not hooray.  Opposite of hooray.  My right hip has decided to act up.  The right hip.  The “good” one, relatively speaking.  Last night just before bed,  I was having short, sharp, intense pains in what I refer to as the “ass-al region” on the right.  I woke up pre-alarm clock to a very bad feeling in my right hip, all through the back and to the outside.  Did I bend into pretzel shapes while I was sleeping?  Was the hip slowly moving out of joint like some planet entering a new transit?  A horoscope of misery?  “Hip trine knee – this transit will be a pain in the ass, literally!”

What to do.  Wait and hope is where I’m leaning.  Otherwise, see PCP, get referral, see ?ortho? and hope it’s not a sports doc who doesn’t have the time for someone who can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound?  Act like it’s just the hip when really it’s the whole damned set of joints.  I am not looking for a diagnosis, just hoping I didn’t injure myself.  With unstable joints like mine, it is NOT hard to do.  Sitting, standing, walking, and even sleeping wrong can be enough.

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  1. anaphylaxing

     /  January 24, 2013

    Hope it goes away quickly!!

  2. D-
    There’s a reason why we wake up with injuries and it makes sense. Not sure if you know this? Our muscles are literally all we have left to hold our bodies together due to our loose tendons and ligaments and they hardly ever get a break (i.e. why I have chronic, debilitating muscle pain). When we sleep and our bodies relax, our muscles aren’t “tight” and holding us together anymore and that’s when the real fun starts. Your hip sounds like my shoulder… Hmmm.

    I’m Type II per the geneticist (Type IV just came back negative), but I’ve sprained my left neck/shoulder area or this spot behind my left scapula–the worst–in my sleep over and over. I’ve been dealing with tendonosis in a big tendon in my left rotator cuff that just showed up one day, too. Got a Dx on that from an MRI. You need a high resolution MRI I believe. I see a PM&R doc, btw. I feel they’re a good fit for EDS, if you can find a good one… Back to that subject. My best, cheapest advice: Just stop sleeping silly!

    PT helps me some (read you do that) and lifting heavy weights–you heard that right–helps me more by keeping my “problematic muscles surrounding problematic joints” super strong. It’s hard and kills the next day but worth it. I fell to pieces again due to being unable to “see” the gym after my corneal surgery, but am back on track now and my shoulder is getting better finally due to bands. I know weightlifting is not recommended, but I gave it a try before my official Dx. Not sure about heavy weights and Type III, though.

    Hope your hip heals and I know it sucks. I couldn’t use my left arm for months w/o shooting pain and I lost my range of motion (oxymoron). Still working on writing shorter “comments,” but so much to say! I know I could write my own posts (about what??), but I check my stats and everyone is getting their very specific questions answered, which was my goal. I consider it a “reference blog,” as it can’t leave the library but gets lots of use. 🙂

    • Well that would explain it. I was dreaming I was dancing right before I woke up. If it keeps up, I’ll try to have it imaged. Yesterday was tough.

  3. Hope it gets better soon. No more break dancing.


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