hijacking brunch

I wrote about my little brother’s invitation to brunch.  As it neared, I checked out the restaurant he had chosen.  After we passed on going last weekend, he wrote to me and my husband saying “Ok, next Sunday” and declared that we’d be going to the one with the “FABULOUS” menu.  Here’s what I discovered as a result of my research, between Yelp and a work friend of my husband who has been to the chosen restaurant because it is near where he and his wife live.

  • This place is a favorite for drunk/morning after university students.  Smart students, given where it is, but studenty nonetheless.  
  • Expect to wait in line for over an hour unless you can manage to be there promptly at 9:00 AM (and I don’t eat at 9:00 AM).
  • Waiting in line means standing in line, there is no space for sitting and waiting.  
  • The waitstaff are hipsters and can be a mixed bag in terms of civility and competence.  
  • The bathroom is in the basement, at the bottom of some sketchy stairs, and is often gross (huge thank you to the Yelp reviewer who mentioned this).

This all added up to a big fat no for me.   A recipe for passing out is prolonged standing and waiting to be seated at a restaurant while smelling and thinking about food for my first meal of the day or arriving so early that eating will set off gut cramps and I will have to hobble down the stairs to the gross basement bathroom where I may end up on the gross floor of said gross bathroom, semi-conscious.  blood orange mimosa

I began trying to contact my brother to discuss changing our plans for brunch.  I tried to text and then eventually call him.  I started out mild, with emojis of pandas and guns (that one did get his prompt reply, quoting Girls, “What does that even MEAN?!”) but after sending me random emojis back for about an hour, he went on cell and email silence.

Nothing out of him after Friday.  Saturday night, my husband and I researched other brunch places in Big City nextdoor and found a nice one in a rather recently gentrified part of town where little brother likes to hang out (brownstones, dog parks, classy barber shops offering “hot lather shaves”, and  if you haven’t guessed yet, gay friendly).  They took reservations for brunch (i.e. no line) and so boom, I reserved.  And sent little brother an email/text invite saying “For various reasons, I have hijacked brunch.  We are going to a grown up restaurant for brunch in [the Gay End] at 1:30 PM.  I hope that works!”

Thankfully, it did.  A little last minute wrangling for plans, and little brother showed up a little late, full of high stressy energy, and immediately ordered the blood orange mimosa (oh yes).  Work’s been tough for him.  I worry when things get like this for him.  His health is tenuously good right now, but can go so bad so fast.  Little brother was happy with the choice, although he did explain that the fabulous menu place was full of grad students more than undergrad.  “They’re still dirty and unmannered” I declared, drinking my second cup of delicious, grown up restaurant coffee and using my cloth napkin.  Oh and the restroom at Gay End grown up restaurant?  Lovely.  Just lovely.  Single unit, clean, not full of overpowering chemical air “fresheners”, nice music.

It turned out this change of venue was extra good for me since the massive weather change we are having this weekend kicked off a migraine.  I was ok through brunch, but took a fioricet with my first coffee there since I had that crinkly feeling to my perception that is one of the more subtle migraine prodrome symptoms.  By the time we got home, I was nauseous, tippy, everything was too bright, too loud, and then the pain started.  I don’t always get an actual headache with my migraines.  Yesterday I did.  Lucky me.

barometric pressure and temp Jan 14 to 21

(change (weather)) + (lack of(sleep)) = migraine

I spent about an hour in bed, then made my way to the couch, where my husband and I sat watching a bad Star Trek-athon.  I recall mentioning to him on the way home as the migraine become unmistakably present that had we gone to the studenty place with the fabulous menu, the migraine would have been cresting just as we were eating, and being really thankful that I took the bull by the horns and hijacked brunch.

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  1. I would have done the same thing!!

  2. I’m glad you stood up for yourself, and changed the restraunt. Glad it was a nice place to eat. Sorry you got a migraine. Boooo!

  3. Thanks guys, I need the support if I’m ever going to change the pattern of trying to go along then failing.


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