The following is a brunch invite from my brother, only slightly altered to preserve anonymity.  It came with PDFs of menus.

I’m available either day.
Option #1
+DONUT MUFFIN or STICKY BUNS, Fairly easy, near-by parking (particularly on Sunday’s), & a [Dyspatient] vetted WC.
-The menu is bit too “been-there, done-that”, other than the muffin/buns
Option #2
+Look at that FABULOUS MENU – eggs-in-a-hole! Caribbean Waffle! Drunkard’s French Toast!
-Parking is not so easy, & the WC is a big “?”
Let me know.
This made me laugh. I’m glad that people around me are starting to get it.  At least some.  At least sometimes.  I like this because it takes into account that walking can be tough for me (parking) and that I do need a place where the bathroom (as he calls it, “WC”) is not a hole in the ground or a trough.


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  1. It’s always a breeze for me to read you because it is like déjà vu. My daughter feels the same way and sometimes it’s so difficult for me to grasp some of her feelings. Reading you is like going to school. Thank you for that post.

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