Friend time

I had a little time with an old friend yesterday.  She was up for a conference that my office was hosting, came up the night before and left in the evening afterwards.  It was good to see her.  There are so many things that she didn’t know about.  “Why didn’t I know you had a thyroid cancer scare?”  I thought she had, but I guess because I hadn’t thought of it as a “cancer scare” and more as another possible explanation for my symptoms that didn’t pan out.  I don’t tend to share those widely I guess.  I do on here, that’s different.  It’s an anonymous blog.  I feel safer sharing here, even with a low readership.  Maybe because of it.

Her being here threw off my routine a little, and I hadn’t been getting good sleep this week anyhow.  It’s been off as a baseline, then this weekend, we had inlaws who made plans to go to a ridiculously late show in Big City Nextdoor.   I didn’t join them in the ridiculously late plans (and did take a perverse pleasure in seeing inlaw who had made these plans flagging at 8:00 PM and saying “My god, what was I thinking buying tickets to the 10:00 PM show?!”) but I did end up staying up til they got home.  I knew I’d just get woken up when they got in even if I had managed to fall asleep.  So my schedule’s way off.  And it’s been unseasonably warm.  Those two together are enough to provoke migraine, which is what I had yesterday pre-conference.  Oh and the conference room was overheated.  So I was a bit of a mess.

I am thrilled that she was here, but I’m also a little thrilled that my home is now guest free for a while.  I’d like to get back on my schedule, if for no reason other than that it’s my busy time at work now that the semester is starting. I need to be sleeping (or at least trying) at a normal time and getting up and going at a normal time.  I hope my body falls in line.  We’re planning to visit again in April, on a weekend so it’s not in the middle of everything.  Looking forward to it.

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  1. Start resting now for your visit in April! I am planning on going to a big gathering tomorrow with ex-coworkers, a sort of dinner and drinks thing. I can’t eat the food, so I will go late and pretend I am drinking. A small glass filled with ice and 7-up with a lime wedge fools everyone. I am already freaking out dreading all of the questions about my health, and hoping I don’t poop out in the middle of it all. I really like these people and miss them and want to be able to visit. I will find a seat, and let them come to me! Glad you got to see your friend!

    • I love the 7-up decoy. I’m going to use this. I hope you don’t poop out in the middle of it too and that you get a chance to enjoy yourself!

  2. Anaphylaxing

     /  January 11, 2013

    I never did well with the schedule upset either

    Loved seeing people but when in my home is usually end up sick worrying about making their stay enjoyable

    Can’t do visitors now cuz of scents but I’m even more dependent on sleep and routine so I totally hear ya !! You do a lot!

    • This friend has gotten a lot better about scents. She loves perfume and wants to share that love with me. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming and a migraine trigger. She was really good about it since I told her, so that’s a big plus. All these little things add up.

      I made the mistake of having company post op. Never again! I agree that you need sleep and routine right now. I know you’re pretty far out from the operation but you had a flu in between. Plus, for me, it always takes about two months before I start feeling normal again after even relatively minor surgery.

  3. An empty house is a.ways nice. Just the same as we are glad to see our own bed after we have been away. Glad you had a good visit. Now I hope you can get some rest.


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