another food on the “no fly” list

I believe I can add bell peppers to my list of foods that I should not eat.  This sucks because I like peppers.  I’ve known for some time now that red (sweet) peppers are a no-no, sad because they are a favorite.  But last night, or rather this morning’s response to what I ate last night, confirms that I need to put all bell peppers on the foods not to eat list.

It joins several other foods I enjoy, or used to, including:

  • Spinach
  • Onions
  • Garlic that is not very well cooked
  • Chocolate
  • Beans (pretty much any kind although I didn’t love all beans…chick peas and green beans were a big part of my diet)
  • Whole grains
  • Canned vegetables
  • Peanut butter
  • All things nutty
  • All things milky

It is a little difficult to arrange a healthy diet around this list.  Rice, meat, sweet potatoes, carrots.  Those are all ok still.  I guess I should be happy for that.

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  1. I’m joining your club. Peppers are a problem for me too. I agree, it is hard to eat around these food sensitivities.

    • M, I’ve gotten two referrals to nutrition (none by GI, they apparently don’t care if you’re starving or malnourished) but I keep not getting in. I wonder if they’d be any help. Went with my ex-who-had-type-1-diabetes once. Didn’t seem very useful.

  2. Anaphylaxing

     /  January 8, 2013

    Sorry for the loss! I was just thinking about trying a green pepper next since I used to tolerate them…Not sure if that’s a bell pepper or not? A lot of what you list are supposedly on the high histamine list hey? Others salicylates. I wonder if there’s anything to that….

    Take care

  3. Ana, I thought of you after I wrote this and was thinking my list is pretty small compared to yours. I should be happy for what I still can eat. I know there’s some overlap with histamine, I didn’t know about salicylates. Some of those are tried and true (truly bad), others are on the “high nickel” food list so I took them out of my diet. The day to day of the gut’s been a little better, I gained back some weight.

  4. OMG…your blog is making me laugh (aside from the miserable health problems). I visited yesterday and had to come back tonight for more! I’m in the same boat in many regards with multiple health problems (including EDS), having an “interesting” family and childhood, being smarter than the doctors I see (I can read their damn journals, too!), and dealing with freaking “Judy” all the time.

    I’m commenting here because I’ve had weird GI problems forever (currently age 38) and am DONE with GI docs. I have major food intolerances and did well without dairy and grains for years (I can eat rice) until all my issues started up again one day for whatever reason. I’ve also developed skin allergies (like scratching myself silly on my legs) from all these seemingly unrelated foods that I researched and found all have salicylates in them. Are we all on to something here? I’ve noticed a lot of EDS-ers have this “itchy legs” thing that comes and goes – who knows?

    I don’t like unsolicited, “snake oil” advice either, but have you come across the FODMAPs diet in your research? Not junk science; I promise. It was developed by nutritionists in Australia and I felt compelled to mention it since your post brought it to mind (I can’t eat those foods, either). It has really worked for me (almost 2 yrs. now), but I have to modify the diet due to my allergies and a few “allowed” foods I know will kill me. FODMAPs focuses on intolerances to the extreme. That would be an acronym, hence the weird name. It is quite restrictive and you really have to be careful with the portions of the “iffy” foods, but for me it’s worth not having to deal with my GI issues anymore. I tried to cheat this summer when I saw a luscious papaya at the store. Oh, I so wish I had a TOTALLY anonymous blog like you right now to share the outcome of eating that damn fruit. Too funny (not at the time).

    • Thank you for stopping in! It’s nice to connect, helps us feel less alone in these traitorous bodies of ours. I’m off to see a new GI doc in Feb. I need someone for meds, if nothing else. And I’ve come to expect nothing else is the best I’ll get. I’m wondering how to present that to her. I sense a post coming.

      I appreciate the suggestion, I was just now thinking that I really need to reconsider my apparent bias against food-based explanations for some of my symptoms. Going on a low nickel diet has helped considerably, for example. And believe me, I was skeptical. When I tell people they’re like “?” They look at me like this: 8/ and then I have to decide whether or not to explain…

      I had not thought of the salicylates issue. Isn’t there something like this that’s put into acne washes and creams? If so, then hell yes, I did react to that. I just googled it. Oh god, coffee’s on the list! Not my coffee! Noooooooo!

      • Thanks for replying! I get the “looks” too and am convinced the whole world thinks I have a major eating disorder (you only eat 10 foods!!!)…whatever. I gave up on GI docs b/c they couldn’t do anything for me, but one suggested “elimination diets” 13 yrs. ago and that advice seemed to help, but it’s been a slow process. I think it’s a new science of sorts.

        Just to clarify, the salicylates are not connected to the FODMAPs that I’m aware of (probably some crossover), but it is the active ingredient in some acne products and aspirin is converted into it (if I got that right). So, you are right on that. I don’t seem to have problems with that (haven’t used the acne products in years – got rosacea instead…ugh), but drinking coffee (originally from Seattle here) or eating foods with salicylates will make me itch like crazy. My allergist and derm. have no clue (what’s new?), so I just did my own research. If you don’t get the “fire ants” from these foods, I’d really look into a FODMAPs type thing. I think I have 2 separate issues going on (itching thing is fairly new), which is why I modify the diet. If the nickel-free works for you, then stick with that. I looked it up and can’t eat anything on that list, but I am allergic to jewelry w/nickel. Who knows? I was just creating my own diet (not that successfully) for years and was scary thin, so stumbling upon FODMAPs helped me (still thin, but better). I bought a book on Amazon so I would get the diet right.

        One more thing I love is Jarrow’s “IBS” probiotic (not refrigerated). I had NO success w/probiotics (tried them all) but heard about this and gave it a try, even though I maintain that I do NOT have IBS; my intestines are “picky.” Available at the health food stores that you love (“just looking…thanks!”). Promise I’m not a spokesperson for anything I keep blabbing about. I don’t write about my GI issues on my blog since they’re on the back burner (fingers crossed), so sorry my comments are so long…yikes!

        Good luck…my little eye and I will be back. Really love your blog and humor! Good stuff.

  5. Yeah, I tried probiotics too and they didn’t help. I do take them still if I am on an antibiotic though. Those things just destroy my gut. “Picky” intestines. Yup. I call it “Enraged bowel syndrome” because mine is so much more than “irritable”. But I really am finding that there are some clear food triggers and my god has it helped.

    GI docs, yes. I am starting to think they are basically Colonoscopists, and they should just embrace that title and all that it means. Specifically to my situations, it means not diagnosticians because “If I can’t see it on a scope, it isn’t legit” is their motto.

  6. LOL. You got it, sister. That’s when I decided to become my own damn doctor. Trust your gut (ha ha) with the food triggers. Lactose intolerance is so prevalent in my culture that I don’t even bat an eye at the notion that I lack the ability to digest a multitude of foods. Worth looking into for kicks and giggles if nothing else.

  7. Just a note…no need to post.

    Thanks for adding my blog to your site! I’ve been perusing your blog tonight as promised and found mine by accident b/c I thought it was someone with a similarly named blog and I wanted to see what that was all about (I’m really “Playing The Hand I Was Dealt”). No biggie. That evangelical pastor Rick Warren just stole my whole concept (my blog’s name) on OWN and I’m so pissed!! Maybe I should have been more original there. Anyway, my user name is my blog’s name if that clears up the confusion. My gravatar apparently didn’t have a link b/c my vision was so bad when I started this endeavor that my brother created my entire blog/gravatar for me (how nice). By chance, I added my blog’s URL to my gravatar earlier today so it’s on there now…sorry for the confusion.

    Well, I’m an official follower of your blog once my crappy, keratoconic eyesight can find the follow button. Yep, right at the bottom here like on mine. Hello? That’s my excuse for not following you earlier (not the button; my eyesight).

    Alisa (writing in the middle of the night, as usual)


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