Oh no you didn’t

There is a staff member at a B.A.T.H. clinic who probably wishes he hadn’t been the one to handle my request for an appointment.


  • No, you don’t write me an email and say “send us all of your records” in response to my emailed request for an appointment.
  • And you don’t get snippy with me on the phone when I call to say “really?  all?  I’ve had some of these GI diagnoses for over 30 years.  That’s a lot of records.”
  • You don’t claim your service is a referral only service when it’s clear that it is not (one or two of your subspecialties are, but not your whole service).
  • Don’t become all obstructionist because you’re feeling peevy that your poorly phrased email caused confusion, or you’re feeling chagrined that you got caught out in not having read through what I was asked to write in my appointment request.  I took the time to write it, concisely even and much better than I’m writing this rant.  If you can’t be bothered to read it – or if your reading comprehension skills are so poor you can’t understand that if a 41 year old woman writes that she has a history of xyz from adolescence, it means that she has THIRTY YEARS of relevant medical records/history – that is certainly not my problem and I will understandably bristle at your attempts to make it my problem.

I have no tolerance for people like this.  It is not their job to make it HARDER for someone to find out if a doctor at that clinic fits their needs.  It’s hard enough.


I didn’t speak like this to him, or to his boss, who I talked to about a half hour after I got off  the phone with him and left a message for the patient advocate.  See, I have decided that when I get this sort of run around, I am not going to get into a fight with the idiot who is doing it.  I am going to get information on who is above them, and then I am going to put my energy into making waves about it.  My experience with the worst ED doc ever in April taught me that this is the smarter course to follow.  The staff member today was not only caustic, he flat out lied to me.  He told me that I couldn’t make an appointment without a written referral from my doctor “saying why you need to be seen”.  When I questioned that policy – I asked if the entire clinic was a referral only specialty since it hadn’t said anything about that online – he just insisted on his lie, and added that this was the way it was “for everyone else and we can’t change the rules just for you”.  When I asked about who at the clinic I could speak to about this (supposed) policy, he offered to make me an appointment, which I refused at that point saying “No, you’ve made it clear that this is the clinic p0licy and that you can’t change the rules for one person.  I’d like to talk to someone about this policy before I make an appointment here”.  So I explained all of this to his boss, thanked her for her assistance (she was actually helpful), told her that I did still want to be sure she would address with him what was wrong with his approach, and that I was still planning on speaking to the patient advocate about this but would be sure to let them know that she was helpful.

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  1. Anaphylaxing

     /  January 4, 2013

    So frustrating isn’t it

    You or patients are the reason the clinic exists, but most have lost sight of their purpose

    So glad you’re handling it appropriately

    • Thanks for the reply Ana. I’m glad I didn’t let it go, but also glad I managed not to let anger get the better of me.

  2. Hate it when people are douches. Why do they care what we do ya know? Like they are paying for it. Hope things get better for you.


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