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I recently “unliked” an EDS group on Facebook.  I hadn’t been active in it, just a reader.  But then some drama broke out and I found myself starting to seethe reading the comments people posted…and I decided to just drop it.  I have no idea what kicked off the drama, from what it seems, someone must have written something nasty to the moderator/administrator.  And then all hell broke loose.  What got me riled was reading “supportive” comments of people which went something like this:  “I hate all the whiners who let the disease take over their life…”  Basically, multiple slams on people who are not chipper and positive and “can do” in the face of a debilitating illness.

I have no room for that in my life.

Everyone has bad days.  People with chronic, life stealing illnesses are going to have a lot of them.  And a lot of “negativity”.  I guess this is a sore point for me because I find that the “buck up and shut up” sort of attitude is so prevalent in life and serves to perpetuate the belief that if you are not up and running marathons, your “rotten” attitude is responsible for your poor physical state.  You get this from so many sources in your life, when this attitude is embraced by members of a “support” group, I run in the other direction.

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  1. louchi644

     /  January 3, 2013

    I hear you! Loud, and clear! What works for one will not work for another. I admit I have the ‘can do’ attitude. But I have always been this way, and I do everything like this. My oldest grown kids call me ‘HardA$$’, but just because my attitude works for me doesn’t mean it works for everyone. You can’t have a hard person without a kind one next to them. It takes all kinds to make this big ol’ world go round. I too have to be careful in those groups, and unlike many. On my personal page on FB I only belong to a few. That is why. We have to just do what is best for ourselves, and our own health. HUGS TO YA!

    • LOL, I hadn’t thought about the “hardass” type in those settings. Yeah, that could be difficult. Thanks for the comment!

  2. hi sheep in basket told me about this i liked that facebook page too or maybe it was a group i dont know i joined and liked a few eds pages and groups i think i know what your talking about cos the admin said sorry but i was too late to know what had happened cos the admin said she deleted the posts whatever they were i have bad days too i am not always cheerful i hate when you something on news or whatever about people who are disabled and say they are always happy i thought to myself they just saying that to make it look good they surely must have bad days like me lol i cant belive someone with same condition say that we get enough crap as it is with people and doctors dont understand never mind from someone who has same thing i would have thought every one with eds would understand what we go through every day

    • Thank you for stopping by Saihisan. I agree with you, for the very large part, the media is terrible in how it portrays people with disabilities and that includes people who are differently abled but healthy and people who have health-related suffering. It’s a mirror that shows people what they expect and are comfortable seeing, not what is real, and it is very unfortunate that this extends to the news as well as to fiction and other entertainment programming.


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