Aunt D

I’m an aunt, again.  My brother in law and sister in law had twin boys yesterday.  This is my husband’s side, so it’s his brother and his brother’s wife.  They had been trying for some time to get pregnant.  This has been a long, tough road for them, and although I have never had any interest in having kids myself, I am truly thrilled for them.  One of the boys is a little small, they were delivered by a rather quickly scheduled c-section 3 weeks early.  So it’s O2 and blood gasses for yesterday and possibly a move to a hospital with a Neonatal ICU today if the smaller one needs a higher level of care. I think I could tell from the pictures they sent that the littler one was struggling to breath, you can see a very tensed muscle in his upper abdomen, poor kid.

And yes, the medical critic in me says “bad on the OB.  If they knew the kids were coming prematurely and were still so small, why didn’t they do the c-section at a hospital that had a NICU?”  I have, however, kept that to myself.  They do not need to hear that sort of thing.  They need to hear positive thoughts and well wishes.  And there’s the phone with an update!

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  1. You are right -The high-risk pregnancy hospital where I had my daughters would, at the time, send the mother to an associated hospital with a NICU unit when difficulties were expected. Congratulations on being an aunt again and I hope the little ones will do well! 🙂


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