I do believe I’ve ranted about this before.  Probably every season change.  Clothes.  I have a love/hate relationship with them.  I hate shopping, I love new clothes.  Currently, my new wardrobe acquisitions are limited to work clothes, which means I have a serious paucity of casual wear that I like.  Or that fits.

Fitting is the other issue, a newer one that overlies the life long hatred of shopping.  I gain and lose several clothing sizes every year.  Each time I think I’ve stabilized, up or down my weight goes.  It is extremely frustrating.  It leads to having a constant surplus of clothing that I can’t exactly retire since I might grow or shrink into again.  And if I give it away, then when I do change sizes, I will have to shop again.  Ugh.

I have never been able to bear tightness in waistbands, but I also don’t like to dress like I’m wearing a potato sack.  This adds another layer of complexity to choosing clothing.

Still more is added by my screwy physiological thermostat.  This has implications for whole outfits, but it also specifically bans leggings, tights or waist high hose.  So skirts have to come down low enough for me to wear knee highs with them.  It also has significant implications for my shoe choices.  (btw, I just spelled “shoe” as “shew”, then thought, no, that’s not right.  Fixed it, and now “shoe” looks absurd.  Clearly I need more coffee).  Because of the overheating, no shoes that enclose too much of my foot.  My toes dislocate on their own and one has done it so much that it now just pushes in towards the big toe to the extent that if I don’t wear a silicone sheath on it when I walk, I will step on my own toe.  I’ve never been one for pointy toed or very high heels so this toe migration did not come about from a poor choice of footwear, but now in addition to wearing shoes with a wide toe (which I’m fine with), I have to wear ones that are not too “shallow” and I can wear no heels whatsoever (which sucks).


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  1. My daughter has the same issue with waistbands or anything that feels tight (the least bit..). Now she is drooling over getting a pair of high heels but unfortunately, the pain is unbearable. She keeps hoping and I don’t know what to say to her. I honestly don’t think she will ever be able to wear them. We tried them at the store for less that five minutes and her feet were blood red. She is turning 17 in March and this is an age at which she wants to explore the turning into a young woman thing. Any advice?

    • Oh boy, that really is rough. I wasn’t a very feminine dresser when I was her age, my sister was the one who loved the heels. After a dalliance with high heels in my early teens, I moved into living in boots and high top converse (aka “chuck taylors”). Back then, I could still wear enclosing shoes.

      I had a pair of platform shoes that were popular in the late 90s early 2000s and I swear wearing them knocked my hip out of joint on campus one day. I guess for me the choice would be what looks cooler and makes me feel better about myself? Wearing the trendy shoes that I DESPERATELY want to wear or maintaining consciousness and the ability to walk, i.e. not passing out from pain or hypotension in public? I voted for the latter, but I was in my 30s when I had to make that choice, and I’m not sure how I would have swung if I had been younger. These days, ballet flats and mary janes are my shoes of choice. If your daughter doesn’t have the hot foot thing, boots might be good. I think the ankle/shin pressure of boot was actually something I benefitted from when I could still wear the things. Born, clarks, skechers are my go to brands…although my foot shape isn’t quite right for a lot of skechers and born has started moving towards shallow shoes now too. My arch is just too damned high and my toes too long and screwy for many of them.

      • Comfort. I think she doesn’t quite realize that the moment she will try to stand for 5 minutes or so, she will faint in public. She also has snapping hips – so your statement reminds me that perhaps we should think of the possible outcome in that regard also because I don’t know what is going on there but there is something. Thank you!

  2. Ugh! I hate shopping too. It tired me out too much, and trying on different things just knocks me out. I seldom go. I am between sizes also. My problem is, that I am between “plus size” and regular sizes. I am also short…5 ft one on a good day. So many clothes manufacturers assume that if you are a PLUS you are tall and big boned, which I am not. I order online a lot trying to stick with sites that offer free shipping and returns. I am in my jammies now….but you can’t wear those to work can you

    Shoes??????? Let’s not talk about that.

    • Yep, I’m on the short side too apparently. Although I think it’s more that I have short legs for my body type since 5’4″ really isn’t that short and I have the arms and shoulders of a much taller person. I’ve found that larger sized petites in pants work well for me since apparently for my height, I have massive hips. If I wear a non-petite pair of pants that fits around my hips and doesn’t cinch at the waist, I end up with blousey legs that hang off my butt and drag on the floor. I like the ordering on line thing too, but I’m super lazy about returning clothes so it’s not always a win for me.


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