bad dream and blood sugar

Which came first?  The low blood sugar or the bad dream that woke me up this AM at a quarter of 5?  The outcome is the same – laying in bed after sleep-kicking my husband (hard, btw) and not able to ramp down and go back to sleep.  So I’m up, drinking sugary coffee and turning my brain away from the bad family dreams to doing crazy things with PDFs.  The PDFs are for a student I work for.

My husband asked me last week if I felt that my job was challenging enough, “You know, I mean intellectually.”  It is challenging in other ways, for sure, and I’m glad he realizes that.  Is it intellectually stimulating?  Well, I do miss the more scholarly pursuits that I had once been on track to do forever.  But I think even if there had been jobs to be had, I would have eventually felt like what I was doing was glorified naval gazing.  With my job now, what I do is a lot of problem solving.  And it’s problem solving that allows people to get to where I got, to get an education, to have the tools to discover and choose (at least to some degree) what they want to be “when they grow up”.  While I do like the helping people angle, I have to admit that this is probably secondary.  I am by nature a problem solver.  I like untying knots.  Christmas lights used to be my job as a kid.  There is something engaging and ultimately rewarding about finding the connections, tracing the path, removing the tangles.

Ok, so I’m up.  Coffee’s working, time to work.  Do something engaging.  Untie a knot that is workable.  The ones that exist in my mind and body can wait.


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