It’s myalgia

“I don’t often have myalgia…” I started.  My witty husband says “Of course it’s your algia.  Who else’s algia would it be?”  ba-dum-dum.  “Thank you, I’ll be here all week.  Try the veal,” he adds.

Take myalgia.  Please.

Really though, joint pain is much more likely with me.  A daily occurrence.  Actual muscle pain is rare.  But boy have I got it this week.  Just the legs.  They feel like they did when I foolishly went all the way up in the Statue of Liberty as a kid on a field trip.  I  can’t think of what I did to bring this on.  I’ve been having a lot of hip and sacral pain, and transient but bad upper abdominal pain last week.  Related to any of those things?  I have no idea.  My money’s on some electrolyte deficiency.  I am always dehydrated.  Why the legs and not other spots?  Well, since my activity level is pretty low, my legs really get the only work out of motoring me around and up and down.  I’ll be seeing my primary care tomorrow.

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  1. Anaphylaxing

     /  October 24, 2012

    Sorry to hear! Hope it goes away soon. Have you ever tried an AH like Benadryl for it? My classic question lol. The myalgia joke is awesome.

    • I’m actually taking quite a bit of antihistamine these days. A nurse at the infirmary where I went to grad school pointed out one year that I came in every November with a sinus infection and asked what I was taking for my allergies. “What allergies? I only have skin allergies, I don’t have, like, allergy allergies!” I said with grossly misplaced confidence. It has become abundantly clear that I do have “like, allergy allergies”, one of which is to leaf mold. And you know what doesn’t work? Flonase and similar. My primary has questioned whether I’m allergic to steroids…I gave him the “I don’t have allergy allergies” look of skepticism and so he stalked off to his trusty printer and printed me off about 20 pages on allergies to steroids, then said “go get tested!” On my to-do list. I’m thinking the leg pain is actually hip/lower back related. I think things are all out of whack back there. I’m seeing the primary to rule out non-skeletomuscular causes, and if that happens, I think it’s off to the pelvic floor dysfunction group at one of the B.A.T.H.s for me now that I’m past my probation period at the new job and can actually take scheduled time off for medical stuff.

  2. Funny Hubby! I have one too. When I am suffering with pain and soreness he asks me if my “F-word” is acting up. I refuse to say Fibromyalgia…it’s the “F-word”

    • F word indeed! I suppose it could be that. The pain isn’t in the classic “trigger point” areas though, but then as we know, one size does not fit all.


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