Independent evidence

Of thrush infection.  My husband.  Last night he showed me his throat.  The whole right tonsil and arch in front of it were covered in white thrush-like blobs.  Poor guy.  So me, I get no blobs but I am STILL fighting off whatever (thrush) this is (thrush).  It seems to be in my sinuses.  Great.  Now I just have to convince someone of this.  Ah we don’t need this shit right now.  Not that anyone needs it ever, but this is a particularly bad time for me at work.  School’s about to start and I’m missing work because I’m too run down, in pain, and dizzy to be in the office right now.  Oh and did I mention the whacktastic trick my right eye has learned?  More on that later but it seems, according to the oldest opthamologist ever, that my right eye has a “slight clefting of the biologic lens”.  I.e. it’s on its way to cataract.  You have GOT to be kidding me.

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  1. Yucko. No fun. No the same, but I had thrush the whole time I was on steroids (at least there was a reason for it I guess). I took Nystatin swish and swallow 5 times daily and it didn’t really seem to help much. I didn’t want to take systemic antifungals because of the allergy risk. I cut out carbs and sugar and that helped a bit (hard for you to do with your blood sugar issues). But the biggest help was obviously getting off steroids and building up an immune system. I hope it goes away soon!

    • You got it. I thought about trying to do a diet modification but good lord, what would I eat? And what would I do when my blood sugar crashes?


      I wish I had a culprit like steroids. I don’t. I USED to use the nasal stuff, Nasonex, Flonase. No one told me to swish and spit after. Grrr. And since then, any time I get a steroid in me or in contact with mucosa, I get thrush/candida somewhere. I think the most frustrating thing is that docs utterly fail to believe me. My brother goes through the SAME thing, and he is HIV positive. “Oh but your T cells are far too high to have thrush…” Well guess what guys, he’s got it anyhow. Some people are just not great at fighting it off I think. I read a paper about that somewhere, some genetic thing where you’re more susceptible to infection from colonization (because as d-bag docs everywhere never tire of telling me, “we all have candida in our mouths!” If I hear that lecture one more time I swear I’m gonna just scream).

      So. Thrush it is. I am going to experiment with grapefruit seed extract. See if I’m allergic. Then go from there.


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