shine on

Looking for glare guards for a student.  This student has migraines and quite significant photosensitivity.  Oh boy can I relate.

I told my boss I found some that got good reviews and asked if I should forward the info to the student.  Boss says yes and get one for yourself if you want too.

Sweet, because at work I have a nice new computer (an all in one) that has a big shiny monitor.  I have never used a computer with a shiny monitor and I know that this is going to be an issue for me.  I’m also desperate to get some alternative lighting in my office because right now it’s overhead fluorescent lights.  Ugh.  I’m told the couch I asked for was delivered yesterday.  It’s not new, we’ll see if it’s un-moldy enough to stay in my office.  New has drawbacks too – some materials make me sick from the fumes.  I don’t know if it’s glue or dye or fabric treatments or all of the above but I know there are some pieces of furniture I basically have to run away from.  I am hoping the couch is good.  I need a place to get horizontal sometimes when I’m at work, like when my blood pressure or blood sugar drop into the craptastic range, or when a migraine is making me feel like I’m on the deck of a ship.


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