Not so happy hour

At an impromtu staff meeting yesterday, my coworkers and I mulled the concept of the “mandatory” party that would be held immediately after an entire day of staff development.  My boss was not pleased about the day long event, but then apologized to me for giving a bad impression.  “Sorry, I’m just sort of Type A and there’s so much work to do right now.  I’d sort of rather be doing that.”  I contemplated, briefly, keeping my mouth shut and still wonder if maybe I should have but since that is just not me, I said “That’s ok.  I get it.  Honestly, I’d rather be working too.”

And then there was the issue of the party.  “It’s mandatory” our boss said.  Mild displeasure around the table.  “I’ll probably duck out early…” a coworker said.  I said very little to this one because what could I say that wouldn’t sound whiney?  And as the new gal, I don’t really have the cred to whine without sounding whiney.  I’m sure my face said volumes.  It always does.

What my face was saying was “If I’m going to be here at 9:00 AM and spend a day sitting in uncomfortable chairs, getting dizzy because I  can’t change positions like my effed up body needs to do, and not even getting a whole ton of work done for my efforts, I’ll be damned if I’m going to top off that day with a trip to the bar right when my blood sugar hits it’s late afternoon/early evening nadir.  Oh also, I don’t drink.”

I think there’ll be a lot of teddy grahams and ricola consumed that day.  And as for the party, I will walk up to the bar after. I will go in.  I will be sure to be seen and say hello to important people.  And then I will slip away quickly.  I’m familiar with the “your presence is requested…or else!” invites from grad school, where failure to attend at least a handful of colloquia dinners and after parties could cost you funding opportunities.  I disliked it then and I dislike it now.  The only good thing I can say is that at least my boss isn’t a cheerleader for this crap.

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