rainy days and hip pain

It was so hard to wake up today.  Usually, my brain is awake around 6:00, if not earlier, and it’s just my body that refuses to accept that it is time to get up.  But today I was just out.  “Does that at least mean you slept well last night?” my husband asked as I staggered around the living room this morning.  No, not really.   I had to get up to pee a lot.  And I remember being very disoriented while getting up to pee.  Stymied by the bedroom door.  Unsure which way to turn for the bathroom.  I have a theory – that my blood sugar bottomed out while I was sleeping.  Here’s my favorite quote on that:  “Nocturnal hypoglycemia seems to have no immediate detrimental effect on cognitive function; however, on the following day, mood and well-being may be adversely affected.”  So this morning, after my alarm went off for the third time and I found myself quite ready to not only stay in bed but return to a deep sleep, I grabbed some candy I keep in the nightstand.  Got up to an ok blood sugar, 91 by the higher meter’s reading.  My not very well controlled tests with the meters suggest the higher meter is a touch high and the lower meter is rather low.  So probably my sugar was somewhere in the mid 80s.  80s isn’t bad for a fasting blood sugar.  It’s a little odd for someone who just ate three pieces of candy.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my gynecologist.  He was not really convinced that my pelvic/abdomen pain was anything, mostly based on his hitting the bad spot on the external exam then failing to hit it exactly again.  “See, now it’s gone.  I might have been gas and I pushed it up.”  “You didn’t really push the same way the second time” I told him.  Whatever.  He’s not a bad sort, he’s just way out of his wheelhouse on things relating to joints, tendons, and ligaments.  Other than that, I didn’t have any pain during the exam.

But after getting home, the inside of my left leg started hurting bad.  And this AM, it’s the left leg and the left hip.  And it is some bad, hard to sit, walk, or stand pain.  And today is going to be tough.  It’s stormy, the weather is changing dramatically, which makes the pain worse and heightens the likelihood of a migraine.

So it looks like if I think I need a work up for pelvic/abdomen connective tissue issues, I need to find it myself.  Otherwise, I can look forward to more GI saying it’s not GI, it’s probably GYN.  And GYN saying it’s not GYN, it’s probably GI.  Turf, turf, turf.  At least the GYN isn’t a total turf queen.  He does follow up, he wants you to let him know how things turn out.  E.g., he called me last night after hours to say that he had seen my mammo and boob ultrasound was scheduled for over a month out.  “Was that for your convenience or was that the soonest they would do it?”  No, it was me.  I wanted an appointment later in the day (and yes, I know, I have a new lump in my boob.  But I have cystic boobs, I’ve had a mammo and U/S for them once before and it was a cyst (different spot).  And I’m sort of all filled up on dealing with the medical crap that makes it hard to get through the day, so I made a judgement call and decided that this can wait a few weeks).  And that he had also checked on my recent thyroid ultrasound and indeed there are some nodules so he wanted to know if I was seeing anyone for that, was it going to be followed up on?  Aww.  This is why I don’t want to fire this guy even though he demoted my chronic problematic pelvic pain to “gas”.

I think before I go for another GYN appointment, I’m going to look into some way to brace my hips when I put my legs up in the stirrups.  I believe the pain is from my leg lolling out too far to the side during the exam.  I need something to stop that from happening, because god knows my joints aren’t going to stop it on their own.  Any suggestions are welcome.

Update:  a google search on positioning for terms including pelvic exam, lithotomy position, hip stabilization, arthritis did not give me jack all.  Just med students whining about being thrown out of the room during exams (and sounding like the sort of person who should be thrown out of  the room during a pelvic exam), myriad random crap, and a few vague references to patients with scoliosis and arthritis needing alternate positioning like laying on their side with the upper leg supported on the clinician’s shoulder or held by an assistant.  You have GOT to be kidding me.  I guess it really is time to find some good PT folks around here.  Not gym teachers in clinical clothes, but actual real physical medicine and rehab folks who deal with actual sick people (and not just baby boomers who overdid it in spinning class).

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  1. Sorry about the pain hope it stops.

    Mmmmm nightstand candy comment has me drooling. I used to have car candy usually jube jubes–dinosours and blue whales. Were highlights of my life. But sorry you’re not just eating for pleasure and your blood sugar is messed.

  2. 🙂 It’s ok, I suppose it’s a good excuse to eat candy.


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